Great Gatsby Compare And Contrast Essay

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F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby illustrates how the desire to attend the desperate pursuit of the American dream in making material wealth the primary indicator of success led Jay Gatsby to a tragic ending.

First, What the American dream had as effect on Jay Gatsby’s and Charles Foster Kane’s lives. Jay Gatsby began existence with little, as the child of genuinely unsuccessful ranchers. When he was a young fellow he had even less, having willfully antagonized himself from his family, not able to deal with the part he had been managed in life. While all alone, he had the chance to reevaluate himself. In that capacity, life turned out to be vastly different, in spite of the fact that he was missing one key fixing: cash. He was no more
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Jay Gatsby was praiseworthy, however regardless of positive qualities, there are parts of Jay Gatsby that raise doubt about that profound respect. Gatsby 's cash did not originate from legacy, as he might want individuals to accept, however from composed wrongdoing. The story happens amid the season of restriction and Gatsby has benefitted significantly from offering alcohol illicitly. What 's more, while individuals go to Gatsby 's gatherings in large numbers, he truly knows almost no about them. Truth be told, he wouldn 't like to know much about them, just whether they know Daisy. At long last, Gatsby 's companionship with Nick truly starts to bloom simply after he discovers that Nick is Daisy 's …show more content…
Both Kane and Gatsby from the outside seem solid, certain, and secure, however inside, this is not the situation. The two men have their individual issues, both of which include some kind of longing to be cherished. Moreover, I feel that the works likewise exhibit that cash does not purchase joy. Both men are to a great degree rich, however as the works appear, they are hopeless in their own specific manners. What they yearn for cash can 't purchase. This sad truth brings about lethal results in both Kane and Gatsby 's lives.
In summary, other than having a plenitude of riches, Jay Gatsby and Charles Kane are fundamentally the same as people. While both of these men are fruitful in their business lives, Kane and Gatsby both live apparently unfilled lives. The two men ache for a missing some portion of their souls; Gatsby longs for Daisy 's fondness and Kane wishes to fill the missing drained of a parent 's affection in his life.
In conclusion, Material wealth is not synonym of happiness. Everything is not always as it seems. Gatsby and Kane are focused on self-activity and accomplishment all alone terms. They comprehend singular obligation originates from their decisions in life; in spite of the fact that those decisions drove them to a sad

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