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  • Medical Case Study: Mr. Charlie's Interventions

    Intervention Process: The interventions I wanted to concentrate on with Mr. Charlie would be implementing goals, working with him on the avoided situations, and working with him on his negative thoughts. The first intervention of identifying goals with Mr. Charlie, him and I were able to collaboratively identify these goals. By identifying these goals with Mr. Charles, I then was able to help him prioritize the goals. This, “process involves determining the most central issues that cause concern and arranging them from most important to least important” (Cully & Teten 2008 p. 32). The least prioritized goal with Mr. Charles was being afraid of being watched. Then the second prioritized goal was limited assistance to what he’s allowed, and then…

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  • Personification In The Poem Exposure

    Even a century long time after his death, Wilfred Owen is still famous for his war poetry written during World War 1. In his poem, Owen uses various language techniques to vividly illustrate the horrendous reality of the war. Hence, he communicates his own anti-war feelings implied beneath his techniques. However, although he is now known as an anti-war poet, for once, he had been a naive boy, who had volunteered to fight in war. At first, he was thrilled to fight for one’s country. But soon,…

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  • The Four Fundamental Forces

    a very strong force and just like gravity, electromagnetic force affects all things in the universe. In fact, electromagnetic force is 10^36 times stronger than the force of gravity. People studied electromagnetic forces for many years. They even came to various conclusions on the science behind them. Lightning and other natural electrical forces were thought to be created by gods according to the Greeks. In the 1700’s static electricity was examined heavily. Around this time, electrostatic…

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  • Alfred Tennyson Facing It Analysis

    for weapons, equipment, gains, and losses with respect to what is being fought over, be it land or other resources. In thinking of war that way, however, we often overlook the very personal costs of war; while we may think in the abstract terms of numbers of dead soldiers, we overlook the cognitive, physical, and psychological on soldiers, civilians, and even the entire world. Indeed, while war shows man’s resilience and sacrifice, it also highlights what is worst about mankind, and its effects…

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  • Summary Of Dulce Et Decorum Est By Wilfred Owen

    The poem that I have studied is ''Dulce Et Decorum Est'' by Wilfred Owen. The poet is trying to depict the reality. of war through this poem. The poem begins with a description of a group of soldiers retreating from the front lines of the battlefield. They are exhausted and are,''Bent double like old beggars under sacks ''. The poet used a simile to convey the ragged wretched state of the soldiers. They are''Coughing like hags''. The once clean, strong, handsome, young men are being compared to…

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  • Phenacetin Synthesis

    The first compound that was added to p-Phenacetin was Hydrochloric Acid, which completely dissociates in water due to it being a strong acid. During this reaction the Hydrochloric Acid proton pronated itself to the amino group in p-Phenetidine, thus giving the amino group a positive charge. Next, a small amount of decolorizing carbon was added to the solution and filtered. The decolorizing carbon caused the solution to turn a dark brown color. The decolorizing carbon absorbed the nonpolar…

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  • An Electric Circuit How Do They Work

    flow of electricity from the battery. This makes the tungsten filament or LED in the light bulb glow. The reflector reflects the light from the tungsten filament or LED, in which increases the light output. When the switch in the flashlight is turned off, the two contact strips are disconnected and the pathway for the flow of electricity is broken, resulting in an open circuit and no production of light. (“Flashlights 101: How flashlights work”) How does the solar powered flashlight…

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  • Mixed Protein Solution For Pancreatic Cancer

    560 nanometers. This absorbance can then be applied to Beer 's law () to calculate the concentration if proteins within the sample. After the BCA assay, equal concentrations of proteins from each individual in each respective sample population will be pooled together and individual proteins will be separated using 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis. 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis is a procedure used to seperate a solution of proteins into spots within a gel. More specifically, proteins are…

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  • Water Quality Lab Report

    non-metals, the molecules share electrons to achieve full valence shells for the molecule to be stable. In the case of water the two hydrogens and one oxygen share electrons to get the hydrogen molecules with two electrons in their outer shells and 8 electrons in its outer shell to have full valence. Water is also a hydrogen bond. A hydrogen bond is the intermolecular force between the hydrogen attached to an electronegative atom of a molecule and another electronegative atom of a different…

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  • Case Study: Transition Metal Complexs Of The Macrocyclic

    Results and dissection 3.1 Transition metal complexes of the macrocyclic, H6L Ligand 3.1.1 The macrocyclic, H6L Ligand The physical and analytical data of the macrocyclic, H6L ligand and its transition metal complexes were shown in Table 1. From the investigation, the expected structure of H6L with its possible toutomeric forms can be represented as shown in Figure 1. H6L ligand is highly symmetric under the point group C2v symmetry and can show all the normal modes of vibrations by solving…

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