Research Paper On Fish

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Fish. My parents love all types of fish. Some dishes my parents love for example are: fried fish, smoked salmon, butterfly cut fish, fish and chips, beer battered fish, and grilled fish. Everyone I am close to loves fish. My big sis loves fish, my grandma loves fish, my little sister loves fish, and my cousins love fish, but I absolutely HATE FISH. Ever since my mortal enemy, the fish, lodged itself in my throat I have had deep abhorrence for this creature. The slimy scales, the putrid odor, the awful taste, and the dull color of fish are just some of the factors that push me away. Fish have blessed my health, revolted my senses, and tortured my emotions.
The plane that these scaled beasts effect the most is my sensory plane. Effected senses are my burned sense of smell, my scolded sense of taste, and my incinerated sense of touch. I immediately smell the horrific odor before gazing upon one of these magical creatures of pain. This indescribable slab of colorless meat loves its home either on ice or on plate. On ice, this lovely creature dumps its smell into the air gassing the innocent bystanders that are forced to walk by. On plate, the smell is semi-covered by the roasted vegetables or heaped amounts of spice. Though the fish’s odor is covered by the cheap cologne of garnishes, the fish’s smell still cuts right through and burns my nostril’s
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Fish has destroyed me emotionally. I was naive and young at the time. My parents’ diet influenced me heavily. I was excited as they told me we were going to have a special dinner. Arctic Char butterflied with fried vegetables. The dinner sounded delicious and enchanting, a feast for a king. I set the table that night with high hopes, whilst my mother and father prepared the banquet. That night was going to be filled with memories: tasting the dinner, choking on dinner, and barfing up

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