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  • Essay On Bass Fishing

    Secrets to Catching the Biggest Best Bass Bass fishing can be one of the most rewarding pastimes that any fisherman can take up. There are many kinds of bass fishing accessories, but you do not need all these fancy gizmos, bells and whistles to be a successful bass fisherman. You just need to learn a few tricks, a few secrets to catching the biggest, best bass. Anyone can enjoy the excitement and passion that arises from trying to entice bass onto your line, plus bass fishing is also quite an…

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  • Lionfish Invasive: Non-Native Species

    miles The fish commonly known as the Lionfish has two species, Pterois volians and Pterois miles, going by many other common names such as Turkeyfish, Zebrafish, and Firefish, they are both also apart of the Scorpaeniade family (Robin, 2007). They are considered to be a beautiful reef fish that many aquarists admire and are recognized by…

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  • Summary: The Misrepresentation Of Sharks

    The Misrepresentation of Sharks Do you enjoy the ocean? Whether you do or not, millions of people around the world love the ocean. Many of those people don’t just love the ocean, but also depend on it. Oceans cover approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface and are vital to life around the globe. Beneath the surface of the sea lies copious amounts of life in countless forms. The ocean provides food and jobs for people around the globe. The harvesting of sea animals has become a massive industry…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Fog Of War

    YOU CAN GRADUATE COLLEGE DEBT-FREE For over 12 years, I have helped teens earn over $40,000,000 in scholarships, and in that time, I’ve learned one thing. There is no shortage of scholarships, there never has been, there never will be! There’s only a lack of knowledge on how to acquire them! After you read this e-book AND the series of short reads to follow over the coming months, you will be able to help me spread the word to those who don’t want to graduate with college debt. Your race,…

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  • Quagga Research Paper

    Large piles of Cladophora can be found washed up on the shores of beaches after it dies (NOAA, n.d.). Harmful bacteria are trapped within these piles which can harm humans and wildlife (NOAA, n.d.). A native shrimp-like organism that great lake fish have been dependent on is experiencing a dramatic reduction in populations in Lake Michigan, notably at corresponding with the invasive quagga mussel population’s expansion…

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  • Symbolism In Finding Nemo

    Nemo is the hero in the movie “Finding Nemo” because he starts of in an ordinary world. He accomplishes his goal to get out of the fish tank in returns and his life forever changed. In the beginning Nemo starts of in an anemone with his dad Marlin in an ordinarary world. He goes to school. Plays with his friends, and rids on a stingray, but his dad is too overprotective. Nemo feels that his dad is being very overprotective, so he goes to the call to adventure and touches an anchor of a boat.…

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  • Devyani Salesman's Shooting Water

    “So this is what you wanted to look at… fish?” Devyani says as she turns to her father. “Devyani, I think there is a lot more than simple fish staring back at you. I think you might see something through a different lens.” Paul pulls out Devyani’s hand-me-down camera from his backpack. Devyani takes the camera chuckles at her dads persistence…

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  • The Old Man And The Sea Analysis

    caught a fish. Santiago has an apprentice named Manolin. Manolin still fishes and learns from Santiago despite Santiago’s bad reputation throughout the village. After Santiago has a dream about his childhood, Santiago takes his boat out further than any other fisherman has gone before. As Santiago is deep out in the ocean, he catches a huge marlin. Even though it took Santiago two days and two nights, he manages to finally kill it. Santiago put so much time an effort into killing the fish, that…

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  • Chesapeake Bay Pollution

    pollution factors include chicken manure, smoke from many factories, and also pollution from ships travelling either in, or around, the bay. The roles of the bay are pretty obvious, the grasses feed the plankton, the oysters eat the plankton and the fish, eat the oysters. THe food chain is obviously…

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  • Finding Nemo: Movie Analysis

    born he names him Nemo. Nemo is born with his right fin smaller than his left because there was damage to his egg when the barracuda attacked his home. It leaves him at a disadvantage and it caused him to swim slower than most fish. During a school trip, Nemo and some of his fish friend sneak away from the group and Nemo tries to show how brave he is and is caught by some…

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