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    over a long period of time. Albert Fish, a real person, became a scary bedtime story over the past century due to his chilling actions as a serial killer. Hamilton Fish and he was born on May 19, 1870 in Washington D.C. When he was only a year old, his father, Randall Fish, died of a heart attack. A few years later, his mother took a government job and realized she could not take care of her son. Albert was put into Saint John’s Orphanage where he first discovered his homosexuality and experienced painful acts of sadism inflicted upon him (Mayo). According to the Oxford English Dictionary, sadism is the infliction of pain sexually and deliberately. While he was in the orphanage, he also was introduced into drinking his own urine and coprophagia which is the consumption of one’s own feces (Israel). In 1890, Albert became a prostitute in New York and eventually began raping young boys. In 1898, Fish was forced into an arranged marriage by his mother. Fish and his wife had six children. Eventually the two split up because Mrs. Fish wanted to be with another man. Spinning out of control, Albert began a sadomochistsic type of relationship with a boy was nineteen years old named Thomas Kedden (Casale). Kedden was brought out into the woods in an abandoned shed where Fish cut off his penis. Instead of killing him, Fish fixed his wound and kissed him before fleeing; however, Thomas Kedden is still unaccounted for. In 1903, Albert was arrested for the first time for grand larceny and…

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    Coprophagia (Faeces Eating) in Dogs Young and growing dogs have a high requirement for energy, and it has been shown that they can obtain useful additional nutrition from eating their own or other dogs faeces during this phase. However, after growth has been completed and with more attractive alternative food sources, faeces eating usually stops. However, a few individuals - especially of ‘greedy’ breeds such as Labradors, may continue with this unpleasant habit. Coprophagia (the technical term…

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    Zoochosis is the term that experts use when describing exactly what behaviors animals in captivity display. These are symptoms of zoochosis; “pacing and circling, tongue-playing and bar-biting, neck twisting, head-bobbing, weaving and swaying, rocking, over grooming and self-mutilation, vomiting and regurgitating and coprophilia and coprophagia”(Ramos 4). For example, “a brown bear in the throes of obsessive-compulsive disorder takes three paces forward, rotates its head counterclockwise, slams…

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    comments, and he had fans agreeing with the statement. Saying things like, “Gay people won’t regain respect and tolerance by being laughed at.” Suggesting that feminine behavior is something to be laughed at. Or that it is ridiculous. So here is a prime example of children getting a negative view of feminine behavior or homosexuality from something completely unrelated to the church. In 2014, The Parliament of Uganda, issued a bill that originally stated homosexuals could be subject to the…

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