Homophobia In The LGBT Community

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What can we say about the affects of religion; That only positive can come from serving such an immaculate idea; and what psychological ramifications do these ideas have on the natural born in demon known as human nature?

People of the LGBT community are often raised with severe social and mental disorders. Depending on the area, this is almost always the case. These disorders brought on by severe amounts of abuse and alienation, help solidify the self-image for the child, that LGBT people are "sick" or that they are "the death knell of this country." (youtube.com). Is this fear and abuse from the general public caused by society 's infatuation with sex? Is it that feminine behavior is considered weak and relating to sexism against women,
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Because of this ignorance and hatred LGBT children are raised in, there are huge amounts of homophobia within the LGBT community. From personal experience, I can attest to the fact that any feminine behavior expressed on a date can often lead to the date ending early. A level of disgust often fills the air. Gay men specifically are terrified of the stigma of being feminine. It all seems to boil back down to the idea that if you are feminine or anything at all like a woman, then you are weak. Sadly, this has triggered copious amounts of posturing from gay men to try and prove that homosexuality does not necessarily mean femininity. Thus, the homophobia within the LGBT community. So you see, these ideas come from somewhere. Children are not naturally born full of hate. They are actually quite the opposite. They are the closest thing to God existing on this Earth. These thoughts are planted, like evil seeds in the minds of …show more content…
The laws that they have passed and have attempted to pass recently are specifically geared towards making life for the LGBT community Hell. One such law has actually attempted to prevent members of the LGBT community from driving. “The Russian government has released a legislative document which outlines a revised set of medical controls for driving…” (Huffington post). The report goes on to say, “Although most of the provisions refer to physical impairments (such as blindness), ‘gender identity disorders’ including ‘transsexualism’ and ‘dual-role transvestism’ are referenced in the document, as well as ‘sadomasochism’ and ‘exhibitionism,’ according to BuzzFeed’s J. Lester Feder and Susie Armitage.” This is sadly one of the many laws implemented by Russia against the LGBT community. Just to read the description of some of these laws reveal just how obsess with sex the world is. This really has nothing to do with religion at all. More perversion of natural laws in their opinion. Unfortunately, this has led to huge amounts of violence against the LGBT community. The rage and the blood is celebrated on YouTube. Mostly none of this relating to organized religion. I can only imagine the fear and anxiety an LGBT child must have living in this space.

Standing back and looking at these situations we can only say that hatred and ignorance reigns in certain parts of the world. I had to ask myself, what is the therapists view point. Two friends of mine work

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