Differentiate Between Skin Of Fish And Amphibia Case Study

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1. Differentiate between skin of fish and amphibia Fish (Scoliodon) Amphibia (Frog)
*Skin is rough and tough which remains *Skin is smooth and loose which remain attached with the underlying muscles. separates from the underlying muscles by lymph . sac. .*Stratum corneum is absent. *Stratum corneum is absent. *Dermis is less vascularised. *Dermis
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*Epiglottis is absent. *Epiglottis is present. *Stomach is differentiated into two parts – *Stomch is differentiated into three parts - cardiac and pyloric stomach. cardiac, fundic and pyloric. *Ileum is short and coiled. *Ileum is very long and coiled. *Caecum is absent. *Caecum is present. *Sacculus rotundous is absent. *Sacculus rotundous is present. *Vermiform appendix is absent. *Vermiform appendix is present. *Cloacal aperture is present. *Cloacal aperture is absent. 3. Mention differences between amphibians and mammalian brain. Amphibia Mammalia *Brain is simple. *Brain is relatively complex and . advanced. *Brain is protected by two *Brain is protected by

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