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  • Flying Fish Research Paper

    The fish family Exocoetidae can be found in the order Beloniformes and class Actinopterygii. One of the common name of the family Exocoetidae is flying fish. Exocoetidae contain 64 species and is group into seven genera. The seven genera name are Cheilopogon, Cypselurus, Exocoetus, Fodiator, Hirundichthys, Parexocoetus, and Prognichthys. The reason Exocoetidae get the name flying fish is its ability to glide through the air. The oldest fossil that a person has found of Exocoetidae is…

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  • Electric Fish Essay

    Many people may ask the question: why study such an exotic sensory system such as the electrosensation in electric fish? Could it be because of the natural curiosity that we as human’s exhibit, or maybe because we are intrigued by the various morphological and physiological adaptations that are seen across a plethora of environments? Well, more evolved organisms have achieved their higher traits not from new mechanisms that spontaneously appeared, but from old mechanisms that they share with…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Fish Of One Thousand Casts

    The Fish of One Thousand Casts Ever since I was little I had dreamed of catching a Muskie. I had caught several species of fish, anywhere from a little bluegill in a nearby pond, to a red snapper while deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. But at the start of 2017 I set a personal goal to catch a Muskie from my kayak. I did extensive research on this odd fish, just to try and figure out why it was so difficult to catch one. I would sometimes fish for many days and nights in the nearby lakes…

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  • Fish Farming Is Environmentally Destructive By Emma Duncan Aquaculture

    populations and restore fish habitats. Aquaculture also helps the United States save money as well as to help regulate the production of seafood. Overall the use of Aquaculture is much more beneficial and useful to use than it is environmentally destructive. An article titled “Fish Farming is Environmentally Destructive” written by Emma Duncan, says that aquaculture is damaging to many ecosystems. According to Duncan, when these aquaculture farms take the fish meal needed to feed the fish on…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Am Just A Blue Fish

    I'm just a blue fish. I live in the living room of my owners house. I live in a small bowl with cool colorful rocks and a couple of plastic plants. Im sitting on top of a side table next to a picture of my favorite owner. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She's my favorite because she always gives me a little extra food when no one's watching. She also uses a fish net instead just dumping me while cleaning my bowl. Sometimes it gets a little boring being a fish. Most of the time I just swim…

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  • Who Is A Fish In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    Why do you suppose two Betta fish always fight when placed into a bowl of water? It could be inferred to be a territorial instinct, or probably a way to fight for mates, but whichever way you look at it, they always seem to fight when placed together. Beta fish, much like people, can sometimes fight for similar reasons, but sometimes it can be for more personal reasons like religion or values. In Chinua Achebe’s book, Things Fall Apart, he tells the story of an eighteenth century African…

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  • Effects Of Hydraulics On Fish Fauna

    1. Effect of obstructing hydraulic structures on the fish fauna: Dams, barrages, weirs or navigation locks built on a river for various purposes act as obstruction to the migration of the fishes. Various effects of such hydraulic structures are as follows: a) Barrier to the movement of fish to their spawning grounds. Several fish species require special regions to spawn. These hydraulic structures obstruct the movement of such species to their upstream spawning grounds where they reproduce. As…

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  • Big Fish Character Analysis

    walk with dinosaurs and tanks to breathe underwater. For those who have seen the movie Big Fish can see the exaggeration between reality and imagination. Main character, Edward Bloom, tells many incredible life lesson stories that his son, William, cannot seem to believe. He eventually realizes that using a little imagination in stories doesn’t hurt when teaching lifelong lessons. In the movie Big Fish, William learns the actual truth behind his father’s stories and how the exaggerated…

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  • Animal Cruelty: The Effects Of Tattoing Fish

    painting fish. People have been Tattooing/Painting fish since the 1980’s. As a quote from practicalfishkeeping’s interview on Alen Lee “sold about 20 of them in just a week.” This shows that the product is selling very well and the chances of being stopped are getting smaller with every fish sold. This practice isn’t just painful it can cause health risks and is practiced in different ways on so many fish. The question is whether or not this practice has any lasting effects in the fish or the…

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  • Tim Burton Big Fish Analysis

    Dead Sexist Fish Crap: A Film Review of Tim Burton’s Big Fish Big Fish shows Will (Billy Crudup) trying to discern whether his father’s fantastic stories are true, or if he was having an affair on his mother. Throughout Will’s life, his father, Edward Bloom (Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney) has told him absurd stories from his life. While Will was enchanted with these stories as a small child, he now holds an extreme amount of resentment towards his father and suspects him of having an affair…

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