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  • Personal Narrative: Travel To Mexico

    My grandma has traveled all around the world. When I was little she showed me some pictures where she and her friends have traveled. And they told me some stories about where they had traveled. And now I want to go and travel to Mexico. If I could travel anywhere in the world I would travel to Mexico. I would travel to Mexico because I want to go to a soccer game and see how they cook their food and ride some donkeys. To start I want to go to Mexico to try their food. They have some…

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  • Ethnography Essay: Vietnam And Its Impact On Vietnamese Culture

    Ngan Huynh Professor Maltman ENGC 1101–09 10 May 2017 Ethnography Essay “Ai mua banh beo hong?” (Who wants to eat banh beo?) Street vending is the must try experience visitors should have when they come to Vietnam. Imagine every morning when you wake up, somebody reaches your home and sells everything you need to cook for today. The long existence of street vending proves that Vietnamese people are really open to old culture while adapting new shifting in their culture. Although the…

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  • Cultural Report: Authentic Mexican Restaurant

    For my final cultural report, I ate dinner with my family at Gran Ranchero, an authentic Mexican restaurant in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The first thing I noticed about the restaurant was the décor. There were sombreros, maracas, and murals of homes and people in Mexico on the walls on the restaurant. There was also traditional Mexican music being played in the restaurant. Our waiter us gave our greeting in Spanish and then translated it into English. He said “Hola, como estas?” I also noticed…

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  • Italian Culture Vs American Culture Essay

    culture stands popularly known for two elements – food and marital relationships. When an individual reflects on Italian cuisine, their mind often wanders to their grandma’s spaghetti and meatballs or the nearest Olive Garden. While these elements do portray some aspect of the Italian cuisine, they do not express the cultural variety within Italian cuisine. In fact, “Italian cuisine has influenced food culture around the world and is viewed as a form of art by many” (Zimmermann, 2015).…

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  • Research Paper On Italy

    The culture of Italy is very interesting to me because both my mom and my dad have ancestry there. The towns are very small and most people know each other. They also have many festivals and hundreds of people crowd the streets and have a great time. They also are big on religion they are Roman Catholic they believe in one god. The nation of Italy has very nice landscape as an example Sicily has rugged mountains one of the biggest ones is Mount Etna it is very well known. Many houses are…

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  • My Food Intake Tracker

    On the three day of my food intake tracker I found out a general idea of what I 'm really butting in to my body. In some of my meals I meet and in others i didn 't the recommendations by the dietary intake by choose website. I will anylize each food group on each intake of the three days recorded. The my platte website breaks down the foods in to five groups that are the building blocks for a good diet. The groups are, Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein foods and Dairy. Each…

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  • Personal Narrative: Anime

    Even though we are siblings, my sister and I have always been seen as two different people that had nothing in common. For a while we did not even believe we were related. She is very into Anime and art while I’m more of the jock. Sports and video games were what I am into. I would hang out with my sister often, and when we did, we would moderately engage in each other’s activities. We would watch a little anime together, we would go outside and play together, I would even sit and watch her draw…

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  • Mama Rojas Research Paper

    Redrock Canyon is probably more formal if I would say so Mama Roja is formal, but also a Mexican restaurant not a typical Mexican restaurant though. Mama Roja and the red canyon, sometimes have long waits to be seated down, especially in an event like mother’s day and father day. Though, this restaurant are both alginate. This restaurants is places people usually go to celebrate something like a birthday party obviously not for kids, anniversary, and business meeting or if not just a place…

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  • Personal Narrative Restaurant Analysis

    of some repair. Upon entering the restaurant it has the feel of traditional Mexico which includes, brick lined walls with traditional Mexican artwork and color schemes. A comprehensible view of the Rio Mirage restaurant which serves fine Mexican cuisine with friendly service, an inviting atmosphere, and cultural tradition can be understood through the reviews of myself, Google review contributor Sue Lantz, and Yelp contributor Brad S. Typically the first person you…

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  • Papa Johns Case Study Solution

    This process will take one and six months. Papa John’s over the next three months needs to do research on different areas that they want to start new stores and what store can be remodeled to include dine-in options. They should build five and remodel five. This will allow them to build five ideal stores that they want to eventually use as a floor plan, for all new stores. This will also allow them to gain new stats on existing stores and if their customers like the dine-in option. This will…

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