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  • Descriptive Essay: The Meatpacking District

    The Meatpacking District is one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC because of how hip it is and how it is packed with steel and glass lofts, with sun pouring though the oversized windows. It always gives me an electric feeling walking around the cobble streets, looking at the Chelsea Market and walking the High Line. All of that sprightliness is encapsulated perfectly into the Fig and Olive. It has those floor to ceiling windows, that let rays seep in, reinforced by industrial steal framing the…

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  • My Mexican Culture Analysis

    Not all african americans and white people have the same cultural. I Am Mexican, born in the united states but, i have been in Mexico most of my life.I miss one of the main parts of my culture, my language. My first language is spanish, there is a lot of different type of spanish. Mine is Mexican spanish.I had to learn English to be able to defend myself in the United States.I hate that English is not my first language, sometimes people don't understand me.The only people I talk to in Spanish…

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  • Stuffed Peppers Research Paper

    Chiles rellenos (stuffed peppers) is a traditional Mexican dish that originated in the city of Puebla. The filling of the stuffed pepper is with either cheese or meat and then served in a tomato sauce. The filling varies depending on the regions of Mexico. The most traditional way is peppers filled with cheese. Like life, cooking comes with a set of instructions. The recipe of chiles rellenos is a long process, often passing the steps from one generation to the next, ensures the taste, and the…

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  • Fiji Research Paper

    Fiji Did you know that on the movie Grown Ups the movie with Adam Sandler when they are at the restaurant his son asks for a Voss or a Fiji water ? Fiji water is a fancy water from Fiji. This paper will discuss Fiji ; its main food components , delicacies , religion , and manufacturing. Fiji has many food components in their dishes here are a few of them . Coconut is used in kokodo and palusami . Fish is used in lovo , kokodo , and palusami . Rice is in madrasi masala dosa . Taro root and…

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  • Authentic Mexican Restaurants

    used is the music in the background you listen to when you are eating your meal. The music at the restaurants are usually based on the culture of the restaurant. It is playing the music so you get exposed to the culture while you eat that culture’s cuisine. An example is if you were going to a Mexican restaurant you will hear Mexican music but if you got to an American restaurant you will hear American music. A similarity between both cultures is often times when people go out to restaurants…

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  • Restaurante De Tanamandapio Research Paper

    Yesenia’s Yummies “Local food is about getting the freshest and best tasting food. Its also about connecting your community.”- Anna Lappe. No one would have said it better than the way Anna put it, I am proud to say have found a community space in my town. Restaurante de Tangamandapio has become a treasure, the most well ran mexican restaurant in Modesto. Modesto is full of mexican food sold from trucks, shops, carts, you name it we have it in Modesto. Although there are so many options…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The City Of Miami

    Many things can represent the city of Miami to people. To me however, from daytime to nighttime, South Beach best illustrates what makes Miami different from almost every other city: diversity. Everything, from the sounds, feelings and tastes, to the smells and sights, makes one feel as though you are standing at the crossroads to the rest of the world. As you approach South Beach, crossing over the ocean on I-395, you can already hear multiple styles of music playing in the distance. Meanwhile,…

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  • Taco Bell Research Paper

    Very few restaurants in Georgia prepare traditional Mexican dishes but they claim they are authentic Mexican restaurants. A place like Taco Bell promises to give consumers amazing Mexican food but instead serves mediocre American style Mexican dishes. Places like this not only serve untraditional food but also make consumers lose out on a chance to experience eating at an authentic Mexican restaurant. Authentic Mexican Restaurants like La Pastorcita not only offer traditional Mexican dishes but…

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  • Summary: On The Other Side Of The Fire Hose

    As a student of the College in the Schools program, the class WRIT 1301 has provided me the opportunity to improve my writing and prepare me more effectively for college. During this semester course I worked with peers to improve not only my own writing, but also improved my analysis of peer works of similar structure. My first paper, a narrative titled Confessions of A Living Sin, was arguably the easiest piece to create, while simultaneously being the most difficult to write. Narrative…

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  • Descriptive Essay On El Emperador

    El Emperador is a restaurant where people come together to enjoy some authentic Mexican food. El Emperador is a Veteran family-owned joint, that has been in business more than a decade. This restaurant has delicious food, amazing service and also great resonable prices. The restaurant is known for amazing taste in Mexican food. They have a variety of food from soups to everyone favorites the tacos. The dish that I tried was the recommendation by the waiter that was taking our order. The Item…

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