Cultural Differences Between Cuban-Americans And Mexican

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Cuban-Americans and Mexican-Americans both have very different culture. Some of my colleagues at my current workplace are from both the Hispanic groups. Even though they share Spanish language, their dialects are very different. Both cultures use different pronunciations and phrases in their dialogues.
Mexican-Americans had an exclusive immigration pattern. Mexicans immigrated to USA at very small level until Mexico’s financial situation diminished in early 20th century. The country got pushed into political and economic chaos by 1910, which triggered huge migration till 1930s. Onset of World War II revived need for labor, which incorporated Bracero program. By this program, Mexican labors were permitted to enter USA legally for work. Mexicans accepted crude labor work due to high unemployment conditions in their country. This renewed Mexican immigration by mid 20th century.
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Revolution in Cuba placed rebellion Fidel Castro in sovereignty in 1959. This caused tragic changes in Cuban society. This triggered tremendous Cuban immigration into USA, especially middleclass and upper class people who were unsafe from the socialist government. Major groups of Cubans settled in Miami, Florida. They were welcomed by USA until 1994 as victims of cruel government. However, a different stream of immigration started in 1980 when Cuban government sent groups of criminals, unskilled laborers and mentally unbalanced people to Miami. This prompted US government in 1994 to change policy of admitting Cuban

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