Mexican American Struggles

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Mexican Americans have a substantial history. There are some components of economical, political and social history of Mexican Americans. First, there are many economical events and factors that have been apart of Mexican American’s history. For instance, The Great Depression had a tremendous effect on Mexican Americans. In the time of the Great Depression, many businesses, farms, and factories went out of business. Because of this, many people lost their jobs, including many Mexican Americans. As the economy worsened, many Caucasian Americans blamed Mexican Americans for taking “their” jobs. This undoubtedly caused racial tension between Caucasian and Mexican Americans and eventually the U.S and communities passed laws requiring
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From 1910-1920, the first large movement of Mexicans moved across the U.S border. During these ten years, roughly 250,000 Mexicans migrated to the U.S. A majority of the Mexicans settled in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. This large movement could be attributed to the Mexican Revolution. The Mexican Revolution was a civil war that was occurring in Mexico and it caused many Mexicans to go into the U.S. (Schroeder, …show more content…
Men often dress as Mexican cowboys or charros and wear wide-brimmed sombreros. Men also often wear jackets that are tailored and pants that have silver and shiny buttons. Women often will dress in china poblana outfits, which includes a white shirt and a red flaring skirt with sequins on the skirt. (Englekirk & Marín, 2014)
Daily cuisine for Mexican Americans may consist of dishes that are prepared with tomato-based sauces that are flavored by many different chilies, spices or herbs, such as cumin and cilantro. Meats such as pork, beef and chicken are generally served with rice, beans and corn tortillas. (Englekirk & Marín, 2014)
For festive holidays, most Mexican American families prepare traditional means. Meals such as tamales (shredded and spiced beef or pork that is baked with in cornmeal and wrapped in a corn husk before steaming) enchiladas (lightly fried corn tortillas in oil then wrapped around a slice of chicken, shredded beef, ground beef, or cheese and then coated with a tomato and chilli sauce before baking) or chiles rellenos which is green chilies stuffed with a white cheese and then fried in an egg batter that then adheres to the chilis. (Englekirk & Marín, 2014)

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