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  • How Did The Mexican American War A Forgotten Fight

    The Mexican-American War: A Forgotten Fight What do most people think of when they think of the Alamo? Defenders dying in a heroic last stand? Or the unmerciful slaughter of innocent men trying to protect their homes from invaders? Is that all they think of? There is much more to the Mexican-American War than most people think there is. Despite the fact that it is overshadowed by other major historical events, the Mexican-American War is one of the most important events in the history of the…

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  • The Causes Of The Mexican American War And The Dred Scott Decision

    the United States. The Mexican American War was important, not only in its ramifications, but in its causes. Similarly, the Dred Scott Decision of 1857 had disastrous effects on the slave community, but even more importantly might have been the sectionalism that occurred as a result. The Mexican American War and the Dred Scott Decision, although completely unrelated at first glance, both furthered the sectionalism in America that led to the Civil War. The Mexican American war was bloody and…

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  • Brief Summary: Emerson And The Mexican American Civil War

    The scene around him changes, and Henry now sees that he is in the middle of a war, or more specifically, the Mexican American War. In this dream, Edward Emerson is the youthful drummer boy, Sam Staples is a sergeant, and Ball is a general. As soon as Henry is offered a gun and told to fight he tells them that he won't. Williams, who is now a Mexican soldier, appears, and the American troops attack him. When he gets away, Henry is relieved, but his fellow soldiers aren't. He begs the president…

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  • El Movimiento And The Importance On Education

    was to provide Mexican-Americans equality, identity and freedom they so much deserved. Jose Angel Gutierrez, in “The Chicano Movement” and Nancy MacLean, in “The Civil Rights and the Transformation of Mexican American Identity and Politics,” argue that the Chicano movement during the 1960s and 1970s immensely affected the methods of politics, civil rights, and especially education for Chicanos all over the United States. The Chicano Movement not only fought for the people…

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  • The Roles Of Ixican-American Women In La Chicana By Elizabeth Martinez

    Chicana is defined as a woman either born in Mexico or of Mexican descent. Most people would just leave it at that but a Chicana is so much more than that. Elizabeth Martinez is a feminist author who wants to change how “La Chicana” and women everywhere are treated. One of her famous works La Chicana shows the struggle Mexican-American women have endured and are currently going through. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how Mexican-American women have been oppressed and how their community…

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  • Traditional Families In Vietnamese Culture

    As for the Vietnamese, they practice traditional roles as well and in the Vietnamese society, family is the center of an individual’s life and activities (Phan). One of the well-known scholars of Vietnamese culture notes that a Vietnamese individual cares about their family more than his or her self. According to Phan, “The word family in Vietnamese means a social entity that consists of all an individual 's relatives, not just father, mother, and sibling.” Researchers and authors have argued…

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  • Analysis Of Diego Mulato: A Third Identity

    from Latin America has created an American society that struggles to find a true identity within a heterogeneous…

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  • Analysis Of Anzaldúa

    Mexico and the United States were high due to the United States annexation of Texas. These tensions reached a critical stage after "a skirmish broke out between Mexican and U.S. troops, both nations declared war" (King 65). The war between Mexico and the United States raged on for two years until it finally "ended in 1848 when the Mexican army surrendered at Chapultepec Castle and the U.S. army occupied Mexico City" (King 66). Due to its loss of the war, Mexico was forced to sign the Treaty of…

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  • Magical Urbanism Summary

    the US has had a greater number of Latinos in metropolitan cities, it has also tried to limit it growth through deportation and stifling its influence over US society. Mike Davis in Magical Urbanism tries to present the contemporary experiences of Mexican and other Latino groups in the US, whether it is the higher demography, the racism faced by many, or the chances for the Latino group to succeed in the US. The experience of Latinos in the US has followed the same experience as those of Latin…

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  • America Mexico Again

    Fox News published an opinion piece titled Make America Mexico Again: Why Americans are fed up with illegals.” This news story discusses the issue of illegal immigration from Mexico. According to, Fox News was created by Robert Murdoch who “enlisted television producer and former Republican political consultant Roger Ailes to oversee the new network, and Ailes’s business acumen and political leanings became closely associated with its eventual success.” Fox News trademark slogan…

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