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  • Mexican Americans In Chicago

    Andrea Escobar Final Draft 9/30/15 ANTH-202 Yingkun Topic: Mexican Americans in Chicago and how they struggle to keep their cultural alive so far away from the border. The first Mexicans that came to Chicago, came in the turn of the 20th century. Chicago had its first significant wave of immigrants in the mid to late 1910s. The first immigrants to arrive to Chicago where men who were working in semiskilled and unskilled jobs. These men at the time originated from Texas, Guanajuato, Jalisco,…

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  • The Mexican American War

    The Mexican American War The United States and Mexico were both newly established countries. Both were less organized than their mother countries. However, one of these two countries had an almost uncontrollable hunger for land expansion. This hunger led to the two countries fighting over true ownership of land. Though the dispute was mainly over claiming land, many other factors helped evolve this fight into the Mexican American War. The year was 1821. A large territory in the Americas had…

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  • The Mexican-American War

    The Mexican-American War was a quite large war that occurred from April 25, 1846 to February 2, 1848. The war greatly affected both Mexico and the United States. The war affected Mexico so much because, in the end, Mexico lost over 500,000 square miles of land to help end the war. The United States were affected in a large way as well. The United States paid Mexico $15 million, and in return Mexico gave the United States over 500 square miles of land, which supported Manifest destiny. So, The…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Mexican American Identity Crisis

    I have a small identity crisis every time I am asked where I’m from. My first instinct is to say I’m American. However, I always struggle to say it because of how I look. I’m not your average blue eyed and blonde haired American; I’m your brown eyed, brown haired, and tan skinned American that lives right by the border and is always asked to be a translator. One thing I failed to mention, I can only say about three phrases in Spanish. It’s hard to believe that my first words were in…

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  • Mexican American Culture

    individuals. This paper focuses on the various aspects which inform the current cultural position of Mexico. Also, it seeks to determine several songs, politics and religious beliefs which helped shape the culture of Mexican Americans. The historical evolution of Mexican Americans culture went through various phases that inform the modern Mexico. The study of various cultures demonstrates the varied roles…

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  • American Culture Vs Mexican Culture Essay

    both the American and Mexican culture. Having a mixture of both cultures can be complicated but it’s a beautiful experience and a way…

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  • Mexican American Family In Gary Soto's Looking For Work

    assimilate his working-class Mexican American family to the idealized white families shown on television sitcoms like the Cleavers of Leave it to Beaver and the Andersons of Father Knows Best. His early failure reminds us that American families are complicated. Nevertheless, his essay suggests that working-class families of color like the Sotos can be just as functional as Beaver Cleaver’s family. Soto contrasts the families televised with his own to suggest how Mexican American boys are taught…

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  • Mexican American War: Was America Justified?

    Mexican American War; Was America Justified? Back in 1846, when America was still a growing nation, America needed more land for its growing population. Owned by Mexico, Texas and California were large provinces of land, exactly what America needed. America actually ended up going to war for that land, but was going to war worth it? In the Mexican American War, presented by James K. Polk, almost around half of Mexico’s territory up in the North was lost to America. Giving America more strength…

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  • Mexican-Americans During WWII

    political world, but socially throughout the entire world. WWII affected America and the American citizens as well; one group I would specifically like to speak about is Mexican and Hispanic groups. These two groups are often time either overlooked and not talked about; but had an important role in the American standing in the second World war. I found a very interesting essay on the reality of Mexican Americans and how the war affected the ethnic group during World War II. The Balch Institute…

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  • Essay On Mexican American Culture

    American Culture encompasses religion, food, and what we wear, and how we wear it.It also encompasses language, marriage,music. The United States is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. By the the cultures of Native Americans, Latin Americans, Africans and Asians. The United States sometimes described as a “Melting Pot “ in which different cultures have contributed their own distinct “ flavor” to American cultures and from around the world. Children of immigrants are…

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