International College Students Case Study

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Tom is an international student, studying abroad for the first time in his life. He, on his first day of college, could not communicate with his classmates and nor fully understand what the professor had said. He struggled every day to overcome the language barrier and other challenges in college. He is now suffering from mental health problems, such as depression and eating disorders. As we can see in this case, international college students, having more stresses than local college students, are likely to get depressed and suicidal. They are suffering not only from lack of fluency in English but also from difficult in adapting into new cultures. Some of these students have mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorder and eating disorder because they are separated from their familiar life and adapting into new environment. As these students get into college, it becomes their life and they need to withstand the hardness in university. Most of the students are unfamiliar with getting by themselves and solving everything by themselves. Instead of …show more content…
They could contact with close friends and their family to solve any struggles and overcome the difficulties that they have. International college students should eat and exercise regularly, have better social interaction, and increase skills in coping with real life challenges. They can also reduce the time used in social media to prevent from addiction and mental health problems. Students can prevent mental health problem; however, they need to develop coping skills to avoid these problems. Students have to work hard and have the will to overcome any obstacles, in which they have in college. If international students can use these precautions and overcome their difficulties, university can be a great place for not only the local students but also international

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