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    “out-of-the-way corner of Brooklyn" and "hardscrabble housing projects" and artists. Essentially, foodies shaped Red Hook’s authenticity. Through the street food vendor’s massive media attention, city regulators caught light of the situation and decided to make their lives more difficult. In 2007, they were forced to abide by the licensing and permit requirements, authorized by the New York City Health and Parks Department. During the 2008 season, they struggled to occupy their spaces, but somehow managed to reopen. They garnered support from their loyal customers from local food blogs like Chowhound, Porkchop Express, and Serious as well as from elected officials like U.S. senator Charles Schumer, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, and Sara Gonzalez who was a local City Council member. Even thought a majority of their followers remained loyal, they still spoke out about the changes. New customers criticized the street food vendors for the long wait, disrespectful treatment, and the trucks’ exhaust fumes. Although they still have a lot of customers, Cesar Fuentes, executive director of the vendors’ association and stepson of one of the vendors commented that “the effect of a Mercado, an open-air marketplace” is no longer existent as it was in the past. Especially, with the way in which pupusas are now sold, the atmosphere and the physical intimacy concerning the vendors and their customers have changed. Pupusas used to be sold out in the open. However, now…

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