Mary Ann Cotton

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  • Mary Ann Cotton Murder

    circumstances. Officials would not catch her for many years, leaving her to commit her murderous acts on most of her family. She was born in October of 1932, and she was executed in Durham jail in March of 1873 (Hartlepool 1). She is said to have murdered up to twenty one family members and friends (Wilson 19). Mary Ann Cotton, Great Britain’s first female serial killer, was responsible for those devastating events (Wilson 19). Mary Ann Robson was born in the English mining town of Low Moonsly in October of 1832 (Hartlepool 1), (Hale 45). Her parents were Margaret and Michael Lonsdale (Hartlepool 1). Many said she was an outgoing child (Hale 45). Also, many said she was very faithful in her church attendance by the age of fourteen (Hale 45). Mr. Joseph Nattrass was Mary Ann’s first husband (Hale 49).Joseph had left a will that left all of his money to Mary Ann (Hale 49). When Mary Ann was employed by a Doctor Quick- Manning, she fell in love and wanted to be with him (Hale 49). Mary Ann soon murdered Joseph, her first child, and Frederick Cottons oldest…

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  • William Mowbray: 'The Woman Who Kill'

    husband they moved around so that William Mowbray, the first husband, could better himself but soon returned to their original home in South Hetton. During those years Mary gave birth to four children and each soon met their demise through an illness at that time said to be gastric fever. Mowbray was said to have gone on sea voyages and when he came back from his last one he grew violently ill until he died. Mary went into mourning, moved away and took a job as a nurse in Sunderland where she…

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  • Groups And Communities Case Study

    The various users share music or videos. However, the most with the funny pictures or message will have a high frequency of exchange even across several groups. Equally important, it is a news forum where anything that happens is shared across the globe. Therefore, their social bonds are enlarged and even their level of thinking is dictated by these groups. Lima, C., & Lamy, M. (2013), argue that, these groups’ helps in mobilizing information. Absolutely, they comprise a forum where information…

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  • Methodists, The Baptists And The Presbyterians

    The role that Eli Whitney played in America’s industrial revolution was his inventions, and the thought that he revolutionized both cotton production and weapons manufacturing. The growth of the textile industry in England created enormous demand for cotton, a demand that planters in the South were finding impossible to meet. There greatest obstacle was separating the seeds from cotton fiber, which was a difficult and time consuming process that was essential before cotton was sold. Long-staple…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Monsanto

    Throughout Earth’s history, agriculture has been a vital component of every society, providing citizens with the food and nourishment necessary to survive. During this time, agriculture has undergone substantial developments to improve the efficiency, crop yield, and commercialization to sustain the increasing population. Inventions such as the McCormick reaper, liberating workers from the grueling task of harvesting grain, and the cotton gin, replacing hundreds of man-hours by increasing…

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  • Organular Essay: Organza Fabric Characteristics

    tailors to create dresses and skirts with volume. Organza is also a very strong fabric, so do not be tricked by its sheer look. Organza is traditionally made from silk. Its cotton variety is called organdy, and it has similar properties to organza. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of organza fabric, both natural and synthetic. An everybody’s favourite for evening and wedding gowns, this stiff material has a subtle sheen. What Is Organza Fabric Like? / Organza Fabric Characteristics Organza…

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  • Eli Whitney's Invention Of Slavery In The US

    been said that the “king of cotton” during the time of slavery, was the state of South Carolina. With its rich soils and warm humid temperatures, South Carolina was the biggest and most successful cotton manufacturer in all of the south. Not only were there millions of slave hands making it possible for this commodity to become so significant, but those same hands made South Carolina very rich. Before cotton became a popular commodity in the south, crops such as indigo, maize or corn, and rice…

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  • The Importance Of Eli Whitney And The Cotton Gin

    US History December 6 2015 Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin In the late 18th century, plantations and cash crops were becoming less profitable. As a result, on March 14, 1794, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin and plantation owners looked to cotton farming as a faster way to get rich. With the emergence of textile industries and cotton farming, the cotton gin did its job and led the way towards an economic boom in America. Conflict between the north and south began as these immense plantations…

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  • How Did The Cotton Gin Grow

    In 1793, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in the United States. This machine sped up the manual process of separating cotton fibers from their seeds, allowing more output to be produced in less time. The process of refining the cotton became less labor-intensive, as less labor is needed to produce the same amount of output. The invention made cotton a very profitable crop across the South. However, labor was still needed to harvest the crop. Despite the terrible consequences of increased…

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  • Essay On Domestic Slave Trade

    The domestic slave trade was a very significant aspect to the history and business of Virginia and the United States in the late eighteen century, and into the nineteenth century. Over this period of time, roughly one million slaves from the upper south migrated to the deep south of the United States. The ways in which slavery developed into a business in the nineteenth-century Virginia and United States was from westward expansion post Revolutionary War, the skyrocketing demand for cotton,…

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