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  • Helen's Judgement Of Paris And Greek Marriage Ritual In Sappho 16

    Both translations state it quite eloquently, yet in different ways. One describes her as “forgetting love due her own blood,” and the other saying “not for her children nor her dear parents had she a thought, no” (Barnard 12-13; Carson 9-10). Sappho’s frustration with Helen seeps through in her language. The audience is also astounded by this thought. Yet, the reference to Helen proves Sappho’s thesis-as she said so initially. Helen, although she knew it would cause a war, pursued the most beautiful. And, the fact that she chose to follow Paris makes Helen an example of someone who finds the one they love, the most beautiful. Not only that, it makes known that her love is more important to her than any other aftereffects that her choice may bring. This return to the martial theme of the priamel reflects that not only is the person one loves more beautiful than armies, but it is a perfect example illustrating Sappho’s declaration. The story of Helen functions…

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  • Personal Statement Of Experiencing Computer Science And Math

    I volunteered as a tutor at Saint Mary 's bridge Home through the PULSE program this year. Working with a population of disenfranchised youth at Saint mary 's center taught me one key lesson that I would like to bring to the Student Technology Specialist position; Computer Science and Math is for everyone. No matter who it is or what type of school system they have been subjected to, If you have a passion you can lean. Wrestling with STEM study alongside these children taught me the only thing…

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  • Virgin And Child Enthroned And The Crucifixion Analysis

    the middle of the East and West. Many people might traveled from Europe to China for the variety of raw materials, such as silk. Therefore, Jerusalem can be the city with many different beliefs, cultures and products. For example, Virgin and Child Enthroned and the Crucifixion painting, and the wool material, Piece of Carpet with Geometric Design, shows that Jerusalem is a significant city of the Silk Road. The painting, Virgin and Child Enthroned and the Crucifixion, was painted around ca.…

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  • Rhetorical Ethos In Elizabeth Browning's Pleading Letter To Napoleon III?

    In Elizabeth Browning’s pleading letter to Napoleon III, Elizabeth uses many rhetorical devices in order to convince the Emperor of France to pardon Hugo. She flatters His Majesty Napoleon III in an attempt to win his goodwill. Second, she uses syntax in order to create an intelligent letter. Finally, she thoroughly explains her purposes to Napoleon. Thus using flattery, syntax, and logos, Browning was able to effectively persuade Napoleon III to pardon Hugo,had of course he sent the letter.…

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  • St. Anne Constructing The Virgin Analysis

    It is interesting to note that, included in the set of Suffrages as the very first prayer is an illustration devoted to St. Anne in St. Anne Instructing the Virgin (Fol. 13). It is no accident that the first suffrage in this prayer book is dedicated to the saint with the same name as the patron; certainly, this primary position was deliberately chosen, indicating the particular devotion to this saint that Anne de Bretagne had. The inclusion of St. Anne is not only significant because of the…

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  • Robert Campin's The Mérode Altarpiece Analysis

    St. Luke and the Virgin For My Museum Essay, I have chosen Rogier van der Weyden’s “St. Luke drawing the Virgin” (c. 1435-40). First of all, this painting is an extraordinarily beautiful piece of art, with both meticulous details and true to life emotional state of the figures portrayed. And it intrigued me even more when I found out that there is a very compositionally similar painting by Jan Van Eyck (“Madonna with Chancellor Rolin”). 1. “St. Luke drawing the Virgin” (c.1435-40) by…

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  • Figural Painting Analysis

    The importance of this painting is demonstrated by the drawing of the halos above their heads. This provides evidence that these two figures are significant individuals in the catholic faith. This figural painting moves away from the Byzantine art, which used male expression to then exhibiting the relationship between a mother and her son. This new thyme sends a tranquil message and visual to the viewer. The painting now speaks for itself in the ways in which the artist chooses to paint the…

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  • The Penitent Magdalene Analysis

    Anne”, there is peculiar detail of Mary sitting upon the lap of St. Anne, this is peculiar not because of the action itself but its meaning, which as far we know, which is that there is none. But their placement is intentional, if we look upon St. Anne right arm is obscured by Mary’s, but it is obviously curved at the same angle as Mary’s arm, which extends to the infant Jesus, where her arm is hid by the infant’s where the arm extends to the baby lamb. This represent the lineage of faith and…

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  • Consequences Of The Other Wes Moore And The Other Wes Moore

    locations” (Kimbro). Joy refused to allow her children to cave in to the temptation and conditions that surrounded them. In contrast the other Wes’ mother Mary raised her in a completely different way. Of course like every mother she loved her children but her approaches to raising them was different than Joy’s. Like Joy she lived she started going to college but once her Pell grant was revoked she had to drop out since she could not afford raising a family and going to college. She had her…

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  • Saint Luke The Evangelist

    females around him because of his many skills, kind and loyal ways, and his devotion to God and Jesus Christ. According to Luke, “Hail Mary full of grace” was spoken at the Annunciation and “Blessed are you and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus” are spoken by Mary’s cousin Elizabeth. Luke is responsible for the stories about Jesus disappearing in Jerusalem as…

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