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  • The Dangers Of Parenting

    you are laying an important foundation that will guide your children”. Along with these core values, it is also important that a good parent teach their children how to communicate and build relationships with other human beings. It is important that children interact with other children, as this is the key role in how your child develops socially. Having relationships with others is important to human nature, and a good parent realizes the development of building relationships as a key factor not only in building a career, but in the mental health of your child as well. It is also important that a good parent protect the child from misleading people with bad intentions of befriending your child, only to turn that trust into a way to hurt your child. Once a parent has planted the core values, a good parent will also supply the physical needs for their child. The child will need a nutritional balanced diet to keep their immune systems healthy to fight off viruses and infections. The child will also need clothes to keep them warm and protect them from the weather conditions. Being a good parent is a constant challenge, with the ever changing society. Today, we are faced with a newer challenge, the introduction of the internet that has websites and social media. Parents are now faced with issues such as: cyber-bullying, child predators, identity theft, and a child’s privacy. There are many dangers lurking on the internet and good parents need to constantly be aware of…

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  • The Negative Impact Of Divorce

    their child 's needs first and focus on the long term effects. The chances of the parent treating the child with more compassion and support will be higher if they create a less aggressive environment. When compassion is demonstrated through the parents to one another, the child will then have the possibility of feeling loved and understood during a difficult circumstance. In most divorce situations children feel misunderstood and at fault. If the parents were able to be compassionate and…

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  • Narrative Essay On Depression

    until I faced life more for myself, that I noticed how so many things in my life that used to feel so bright were coated in black. Each year that I lived cognizant of the unrelenting illness that was cast onto my mom, I felt as if someone colored on a portion of my mind with a black marker and took my rose-tinted glasses, cracked them, and drove them into my eyes. I will never be sure if that was just me growing up or having a mother that suffered from depression or both. When I was 14 years…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Strategies And Techniques Of Parents Essay

    busy under their God-like love and care for me kept me behaving most times. The same strategies and techniques worked with my younger brother as well as he is my only sibling. The only real problem with me when I was little being when they took me shopping and I saw the toys I as a little child of course wanted it. My parents bought what I wanted or something close, start a conversation to get my mind off it or tell me they would buy it later. I was a sweet, nice, caring and loving boy most my…

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  • Appearance Vs. Reality In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

    with the ghost that looks like his father even though his friends warn him that the ghost may be evil and ". . .tempt you toward the flood . . . Or to the dreadful summit of the cliff . . ." (Act 1, Scene IV, Lines 69-70). If the prince was thinking right he would not have gone with the ghost that resembled the old ". . . King, father, royal Dane . . ." (Act 1, Scene IV, Line 45) Hamlet's radical actions let him find out about Claudius' devious murder of his brother, King…

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  • College Essay: The Importance Of Lying In Our Society

    College Essay by; Keishawna Foster Lying is not acceptable and that people shouldn’t do it and that it does justify in our society. I think that if someone is lying for a good reason and an important reason then it will be ok. But if people are just lying because they don’t want to tell the truth or they got stuck in a situation where lying was the only thing that they could do and they don’t know how to tell the truth because they are so used to lying that they just keep lying to keep the…

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  • My Freshman Year That Changed My Life-Personal Narrative

    I was extremely disappointed that my teammate thought she could take advantage of me. I felt betrayed and stood confused about how I should handle the situation. With this dilemma I had to decide not only what was best for Allison and myself; but what was best for my entire team. I did not want to retaliate and do something that was out of line just because she acted unjustly towards me. If I filed a report there was a chance this would end up on Allison’s record. If I told my coach there was a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Body Image

    expect what was about to happen. The muddy soccer ball came towards me like a cheetah trying to catch its prey. Somehow I missed the ball and I did not see the horrendous hole that was covered with muddy grass. Before I knew it I was on the ground. I was sunk into a hole with mud all over my faded blue jeans. I was wet and dirty. Of course everyone saw me fall down and started laughing at me. “Hahaha Gricelda fell. What an idiot,” I heard someone say. I just heard everyone laughing at me like…

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  • Growing Up Without A Father-Personal Narrative

    This is probably the best advice someone as ever given me. This piece of advice has impacted me in such a big way that I don’t even understand the concept of what life would be like with a Dad. I wouldn’t change my life, or the people who are in my life. My mom is my best friend and has done one hell of a job raising my brother and I, as a single mom. My mom is the one who scared the monsters away under my bed, heard my first words, watched me take my first steps, held my hand crossing the…

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  • Reflective Essay About My Second Language

    Being judged is never fun, especially when you are in public. It is something that I hate looking back to because I was really hurt. I wish it never happened, but it did. I felt dejected at first, but after a while I snapped out of it. Let me tell you the one memory that involved literacy. The one time a man insulted me in a store because I did not speak my second language very well last year. First, let me tell you about my background. I was born here in Dallas, but my parents are from…

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