Consequences Of The Other Wes Moore And The Other Wes Moore

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Wes Moore and the other Wes Moore grew up in the same area at roughly the same time, but both had very different outcomes in their lives. One of them became a Rhode scholar and the other one ended up with a life sentence in prison. Their lives were very similar while they were young, both grew up in a bad neighborhood and they also did not have fathers. While growing up both were not good in school which bothered one mother, but the other did not care as much. The decision they made ultimately decided their fates. Both of them were responsible of making them and have to live with them from that point on. The two boys came to a fork in their lives and with the help of their loved ones, one of them overcame them and the other struggled.
Both Wes and the other Wes had a tough time growing up since they did not have a fatherly figure to help guide them through life. Wes’ father was Westly Moore which died at the age of 34, when the author was just 3 at the time. Westly was a very successful broadcast journalist, that was well respected among others. Westly loved his son very much and always defended him. When little Wes hit his sister, and Joy his mother was yelling at him, Westly stepped in and told her he did not know any better because he is a
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At many points in his childhood, Wes Moore made bad life decision, but with the influence of his mother he managed to overcome them and focus on bettering his life. Sadly for the other Wes Moore, there was nobody to positively impact his life and show him the right path. For the reason he chose the simpler, more exciting way of the drug trade and thug lifestyle. That is, there are many reasons behind the decisions the second Wes made and their awful outcome for his family, his victims and ultimately himself. Both of them had decisions to make while growing up, one of them made the right one and one did

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