Groups And Communities Case Study

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Groups and Communities
Over the past years up to late 19th C, communication across the globe has been the hardest thing ever as cited by Whitty M.T (2003). However, this is history due to the invention of Information and Communication Technologies based on internet. Furthermore, inventions based on technology have contributed to birth of online groups where participants interact, Roy A, (2007). The following discussion reveals the scholarly information regarding the psychosocial effects caused by online groups as researched by different scholars.
I have chosen a case study of Facebook Groups
According to Roy A (2004), he points out the repercussions of Facebook groups to the persons of age bracket 20 to 30 years. Therefore, he says these groups
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Moreover, they are able to hold online discussion raise agendas, give their personal opinions and fully support their arguments. However, this takes place without any delays despite their geographical location hence make them to feel like one family. Nevertheless, it portrays a sense of belonging in a manner that they belong to a group of people with similar characteristics thus can hold discussions openly without fear of objection. Therefore, these groups have resulted to creation of groups of people with the same attributes and a sense of …show more content…
The various users share music or videos. However, the most with the funny pictures or message will have a high frequency of exchange even across several groups. Equally important, it is a news forum where anything that happens is shared across the globe. Therefore, their social bonds are enlarged and even their level of thinking is dictated by these groups.
Lima, C., & Lamy, M. (2013), argue that, these groups’ helps in mobilizing information. Absolutely, they comprise a forum where information regarding anything is shared, for instance, business, politics, and education among others. Therefore, information gotten from other sites is posted here for others to see.
Online groups lead to cyber bullying. As defined by Mary Ann Liebert (cited in Mason, 2008), it’s the deliberate use of technology to cause threat or harassment to individuals or groups of people. In this case, they use these groups a tool to transmit words that undermines other people thus affecting them psychologically and socially.
Lastly, online groups are used as a networking platform as cited by Mew, L. (2010). Due to the changing economies, people are looking for greener pastures away from their homes. This trend is accelerated by these groups whereby people advertise themselves or advertise their jobs. Therefore, social bonds are

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