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  • The Three Causes Of The Phychodynamic Viewted By Sigmund Freud

    depressed they are (Evans et al., 2005). To provide evidence for errors in logic, female subjects were asked to read and interpret oaragraphs about women in difficult situations. Depressed woman made more errors in logic (arbitrary inferences) , in their interpretation than non-depressed women. (Hammen&Krantz. 1976) Cognitive triad- depressed recall more negative events than positive ones, select pessimistic statements, rate their behaviour in labs as poor (Ridout et al., 2003). On the other hand, the theory of learned helplessness developed by Martin Seligman in 1970s states that clinical depression results from an individual’s inability to cope with a stressful situation, they no longer have control over the reinforcements in their life and they are the ones responsible for this helpless state. Humans exposed to uncontrollable negative events, they later score higher than other subjects on a depressive mood survey (Miller & Seligman,…

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  • Martin Seligman's Theory Of Learned Helplessness

    American Psychologist, Martin Seligman, dubbed the “Father of Psychology” for his extensive contributions to the field of psychology, was born in Albany, New York in 1942. In 1964 he earned a bachelor of philosophy from Princeton and in 1967 a PhD in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania where he currently works and is director of the clinical training program. He is responsible for researching the Theory of Learned Helplessness, which led him to a series of significant advances in the…

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  • Poem: Learned Optimism (Martin Seligman)

    Learned Optimism (Martin Seligman) Martin Seligman is a common reference books Punset and José Antonio Marina. Eminent psychologist, has focused his career not in the study of those diseases or conditions that destroy the minds of many individuals, but in the study of the mind of those who, despite having a healthy mental state, can improve their lives, pursue a greater happiness, better understanding of themselves or feel fully realized. It all started when after finishing his studies, he…

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  • The Importance Of The Workplace Environment

    are Theory Y. However, I do work with someone who would be considered a Theory X employee. This person stands out to the rest of us and is labeled as having an attitude while going against leadership, and at times it feels as if they are going against the team making it difficult to work alongside them. I have found, as a new employee, I will ask a Theory Y employee rather than approaching a Theory X employee. Assuming they do not want to do any extra work. Theory Y employees thrive on…

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  • The Components Of Depression According To Aaron Beck's Cognitive Model

    While most researchers equate it with a high level of pessimism, the learned helplessness experiment by Seligman helps to explain it better detail. There are two parts of the experiment- one for humans and one for animals, or in this case, a dog. For the dog, the scientists strapped its paws to the floor and exposed it to non-lethal electric shocks, which we will refer to as the uncontrollable aversive stimuli. At first, the animal tries to escape, but it fails, and it soon learns that the…

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  • Martin Seligman Learned Helplessness Theory Essay

    Outline: Learning to be Depressed Martin Seligman is a behavioral psychologist who hypothesized that the way people view power and control is learned from previous experiences. He proposed that those who fail at controlling their own life stop attempting to exercise any control of their own altogether. After repeated attempts of control and repeated failures, people start to attribute these failures to a lack of control and generalize lack of control to all situations, even if those situations…

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  • Causes Of The Reformation

    The peasants’ attitudes became more negative as their economic conditions worsened. In 1523-1524, crop failures occurred and in 1525, Swabian peasants drew up the Twelve Articles, condemning the lords. Originally, Luther, being the unintentional inspiration for their complaints, supported the peasants and criticized the lords. Still, he did not support the rebellion or the use of violence. Beginning in the Swiss frontier, the revolts traveled all the way to Saxony. Referring to Document 5, in…

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  • The Reformation Era Essay

    The church was very unhappy with how Martin Luther was acting. Luther was excommunicated from the church and his writings were declared “heretical.” This means that he is holding a belief that does not go along with what is correct in the eyes of the church. Luther understood that the only way to reach his hope of reforming the church was to go against authority in the church, and going against the Pope. He did this by starting a new church. “The reformation era was one of transition and…

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  • Film Analysis: The Return Of Martin Guerre

    The story of Martin Guerre has traversed centuries and borders. The Return of Martin Guerre (Daniel Vigne, 1982) is an adaptation of a true story of a southern sixteenth-century French village. This film has received attention from historical scholars, mainly because a well-established historian, Natalie Zemon Davis, was a “conseiller historique for the film” (Benson 49). Davis also generated her own academic history of the story after her experience as a consultant. She claims the film had…

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  • Luther: Man Between God And The Devil: Book Analysis

    clergyman trying to sell indulgences to a commoner, as well as portraits from 1526 of Martin Luther and his wife, Katharina Luther. Through the use of various written and illustrated sources, Oberman is able to achieve his goal of providing a thorough overview of Luther’s…

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