The Role Of Perseverance In Martial Arts

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To pinpoint the character flaws in anyone is an easy thing to do, but to help them correct it, is more than difficult. Since it’s not known to many that Martial Arts can help overcome character flaws in an individual, therefore this article will cover this topic in detail. Training in martial arts is the only ‘help’ one needs to perfect his/her character.
Martial Arts has always been seen as one of the major skills of defense systems, but that’s not what it is entirely composed of. Its training in self-discipline prepares an individual to overcome any character flaws, irrespective of how deeply rooted they are.
Character flaws can easily be overcome in kids as well as adults through proper and rigorous training. Martial Arts requires a lot
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Perseverance directly leads to the development of resilience in one’s character. Resilient souls are rarely found.
However, in martial arts, perseverance is one of the pillars of its philosophical thoughts. The first three levels of martial arts training, namely: white, yellow and orange; students find it easy to pass and go onto the next level, but from there on every levels starts getting progressively tougher than the previous one. This format of training in martial arts, gives the students two options in the early stages: give up after being defeated; or to “fight” and earn a higher deserving position.
Perseverance comes only when martial arts students learn to: trust their own abilities; have faith in the ongoing process; accepting defeat as a valuable lesson to learn from; trusting peers and the hard work put in for a very long period of time. The senior students of martial arts display magnificent perseverance in their trait by showing that they broke all the barriers of problems to earn higher level positions in martial
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All in all, it can be said that any character flaw can be easily eliminated with proper martial arts training. When the student will see the exemplary teacher practicing beneficial traits, the student will automatically pick up the teacher’s habits. Think about it carefully; integrity, discipline, respect, confidence and perseverance are not easy traits to pick up or develop on one’s effort all alone. The student must be placed in an environment where the other students and the teachers are also practicing the same doctrine.
Toward the end of this article, it is hoped that you have erased your old thought about martial arts that it is a violent sport teaching self-defense. Now, you know that all forms of martial arts are a strict school in themselves. Their doctrine not only teaches self-defense tactics; but also character traits that must be developed so that we can flow in harmony with the energies of our

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