Martial Arts Community Vs. Soccer Community Analysis

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There are thousands of different communities in the world, from athletic to academic to ethnic. Being apart of these communities define who one is as a person and how they act, overall it gives a person a new sense of self. For me, the two most influential discourse communities that I am a part of are the soccer community and the martial arts community. These two communities have shaped my life and turned me into the person I am today. The journey taken to be brought into each of these communities are very different yet similar in various ways. For some, these communities come and go but for others, like myself, they will stick with me for life. For the past 12 years the soccer community has played dominant role in my life. Throughout …show more content…
I have now been a part of the martial arts community; more specifically the Tang Soo Do community for 8 years now and it has also played a major role in my attitude towards society. It has taught me how to act and how to react to different situations compared to how the soccer community has taught me. The keys to martial arts are being mentally strong, aware of those around you, and most importantly the respect to others, no matter who they are. This influences my attitude because it has given me a new perspective of looking at people and how they act and communicate with one another. In martial arts the way we act and communicate with one another is much different from many sports. With respect playing one of the most important rolls in the world of martial arts the communicate aspect is much stricter than other sports. For example, in martial arts when reffering to anyone you call them ma’am, sir, Mrs. Or Mr., where as apposed to other sports it is much more laid back and less formal. Also a common way of saying hello and showing respect is to bow at one another. The deeper the bow the more respect you may have for a person, this is why when a lower rank bows to a higher rank they will have a deeper bow apposed to a vise versa situation. Being in this type of environment has caused me to look at my friends and colleagues very different. Now when walking down the streets I now look at people and …show more content…
While training I learned about a different kind of discipline, I learned about behavior modification discipline. This is much different from self-discipline as it focuses on both positive and negative reinforcements. In the martial arts community these reinforcements take place all of the time. When one performs well or is successful in their actions they are praised with words of encouragement or even may be praised by being allowed to teach. This goes hand in hand with negative reinforcements as well though and more times than not the discipline is the side of the stick everyone gets. When negative reinforcement comes around a student may be told to drop and give push ups or even shunned and yelled at in front of an entire class . These types of actions are seen frequently in this community. Trainees are disciplined in order to better themselves and those who they train with. It has personally taught me that the higher goals that I set for myself will result in more discipline but also I will become a better martial artist at the end of the

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