Importance Of An Effective School Leader

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An effective school leader should possess skills such as creativity, implementation, evaluation, and excellent communication. I conducted an interview with Tamara Perez, who is currently a director at Smart Starts Preschool. She has an A.A. degree in Early Childhood Education, Staff Credentials, Director Credentials, and has been teaching for 12 years. Becoming a teacher was not exactly what she had in mind. She was going through a rough time in her life and she began working as a teacher. At first, she was not too sure of what she was doing or getting herself into. In the meantime, she could recall the time she spent as a teacher. The school she worked at used a High Scope Curriculum; which uses hands on experiences for children and the …show more content…
For example, during reading time as she read a story to the class she would ask questions so that the children could have a better understanding. Another time would be, when the children work in small groups to complete a task or even when they work with a partner. How do you help students develop in self-discipline? Tammy’s response to this question was that children should be able to express their feelings but in a manner, that does not lead to hurtful outcomes. Children should learn how to deal with their emotions. Tammy believes that this skill can be taught to children. For example, if a child may be feeling upset or angry they could walk away from the situation or tell the other person “Stop it, I don’t like it”. Children should learn to use their words; or express themselves through words, rather than their actions. Furthermore, some of the ways that she kept parents involved in the classroom were by notifying them about the open-door policy, sending home family projects, through the PTA, and inviting them to the holiday events. Also, Tammy explained that she always updated the parents about the child’s progress through open communication, sending progress reports, and through a Class Dojo app. She always made sure that when parents came in with questions she was prepared to answer …show more content…
According to Tammy, she believes that always be available to others is a way to collaborate with the other teachers. Sharing ideas that they can also use or even giving them advice about a situation is another way to work with other teachers. Tammy also states that the reason she wanted to continue to teach was because she wants to help children reach a goal so that they can be proud of themselves. Children should be proud of their accomplishments whether it is something as simple as learning to button up their shirt or something as big as beginning to

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