Leadership Interview Paper

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Leadership Interview
Donald Berwick In my search for a public health leader I tried local hospitals CEO’s and head charge nurses but when I got no response from them I began searching influential leaders in healthcare and Donald Berwick continuously came up. It was during an interview I watched of him done by Michelle Ficken and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement that I realized what a great candidate he would be for this paper. Dr. Donald Berwick is the founder of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the former administrator of the centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. He is a major advocate of a patient- centered approach to healthcare as well as achieving the “triple aim”, improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations and reducing the per capita costs of healthcare. With that being said, I feel that
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He ended up having the opportunity to get a joint degree in medical science and in public policy which gave him an understanding in systematic thinking, decision making, policy, management decisions, assessment, technologies, quantitative methods and heath care. While doing his residency he noticed things in the hospital that weren’t going well, such as hospital wait times not being managed and his training in psychology, decision theories, political science and research gave him the tools. He became motivated to effect the world of patient care while treating patients so he joined the center for evaluating clinical practices and did research. As he has grown into the position of leadership that he maintains, he does not see himself as a leader. His modesty and humility truly impressed me throughout the interview. He believes in working with not above people and leading with them and fostering an environment where people share what they think and where anyone can

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