Personal Leadership Philosophy Paper

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My Personal Leadership Philosophy and How it has Developed
As a leader I am very unique. I hold strong personal values in the areas of trust, respect, and responsibility. I believe that no one person should be responsible for someone else, but that we have to grow up and learn to take care of ourselves. Prior to this course, I perceived leaders as people who told a group of people what to do in order to accomplish a task. When I was put in a leadership position I was always effective, but I never really took the thoughts or feelings of others into consideration. I would often shut down the ideas of others because I had believed that my idea was always the right one. By working on my skill of using empathy in order to better understand and
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I am now aware that my idea is not always the best idea, and that there can be more than one solution to a problem. As a leader I am very punctual about time constraints and working to accomplish all of my responsibilities by setting priorities. I am very good at deciphering what order to do tasks in depending on importance, time constraints, feasibility, etc. When I lead I expect that others will respect me, but I understand that this is not always the case. I expect that my followers will trust in my decisions, and that they will work as hard as they can when they have a duty to accomplish. My followers can expect that I will treat them all as equals. I will take into consideration everyone’s opinions, and my followers can expect that I will always choose the decision that is going to benefit the majority of the group. I would now define a leader as someone who guides a person or group of people to work toward a common goal, or even just a person that positively influences others. If I were to choose one skill that I want to continue growth in my leadership development it would be influencing others effectively and appropriately. This skill can never reach its full potential and thus I want to continue to positively

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