Multicultural Learning: The Roles Of Culture In Learning

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Because multicultural learning environments exist within our society we must remember that there are those students involved who are English Second Language (ESL). Such things to take into consideration comprises how well the students can read, write, and comprehend English. Other consideration may encompass performance anxieties related to student comfort levels with their abilities and the amount of time allocated for them to complete their testing. Furthermore, the environment in which an ESL student tests can have an impact on their results especially if it’s not accommodating to meet their needs.
The Role of Culture in Learning It is important to understand that culture in a classroom and at home has a significant impact on learning.
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From the time children begin to comprehend word association with gestures, subsequently, an expectation of acknowledgment develops. Therefore, depending upon an individual’s background their traditional values may severely impact their desire to learn and improve academically. For example, there are those that desire to succeed in gaining an education and they have the support and resources to positively impact their learning. In most instances, partly due to the focused efforts of their family to stress the importance and value of an education. Meanwhile, on the opposite, there are those children who lack the motivation and nourishment to transform because an emphasis is not built into their supporting infrastructure. Furthermore, this is easily recognized during class participation, assignments, and parent-teacher conferences where it is visible that students lack willingness and are …show more content…
My communications do not speak to making derogatory comments that their response is wrong, but rather encouraging them with positive complements to provide assurance while making eye contact and explaining the steps in a process to develop a correct response. My experience has been limited to not having several groups of different ethnicity, but different multicultural differences within the same ethnic groups of students. Even though my community is primarily tri-racial the students come from different backgrounds within their home environments. Many are impacted due to being economically disadvantaged, underprivileged, and belonging to single parent dwellings. However, I strive to maintain consistencies within my control to promote equality and offer reinforcement through weekly communications with their parents regarding their child 's expectations. Therefore, parents always have an open invite to attend class with their child and actively participate in their child 's learning. In an effort to remain unbiased toward any child there is the need to nurture and stimulate growth for each and every one of them regardless of who they are, their timidness, their disruptive tendencies, and those referred to as overachievers, underachievers, and neglected. They are my responsibility and it is my role to set an example by properly assisting them with guidance in all

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