The Role Of A Turnaround Teacher

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Introduction In most states across the country, successful schools are being defined as those who earn high numbers or percentage points (Missouri) or letter grades of “A” or “B” (Louisiana) at the end of each school year; these scores are primarily based on how well students perform on standardized achievement tests. The role of school leaders are extremely important to leading and creating a successful school. As education continues to change, leaders will need to adjust their leadership styles, skills, and abilities to meet the needs of the children they serve. A leader who serves as a change agent, has many responsibilities. “The responsibility of change agent refers to the leader’s disposition to challenge the status quo” (Marzano, …show more content…
Mitchell so successful. I have only known him for one and a half years, but I think I have gotten a good understanding of who he is and what he can do professionally. Most of my teaching career has been in turnaround schools, so I am very familiar of what it takes to be a turnaround teacher. However, my role as a turnaround principal has only just begun and I wanted to gain insight from someone who had been successful in this position before to educate me on things I may not know or even realized could potentially take place. The following interview questions and answers describe in part how Dr. Mitchell has become successful, what changes he foresees occurring in education, what his future aspirations are as a school leader, and political pressures he faces as he manages to turnaround Normandy.
1. What is the biggest issue facing your school today?
A. The biggest issue facing our school today is being unaccredited and determining ways to remove that title that will best benefit our students.
2. How are you addressing that issue?
A. I have decided to look at individual student data first. After analyzing the data, I have to determine the next and best steps for each individual student and go from
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What professional development opportunities are there for teachers in your building?
A. They are plentiful. Our teachers meet weekly in data teams, there has been practice with writing common formative assessments and unwrapping power standards. Our teachers are given the opportunity develop their skills on writing essential questions and learning targets that are student friendly and how to increase their depth of knowledge in classroom lessons. As for administrators, district leaders, and instructional coaches are concerned, we are provided the opportunity to also engage in professional development. One of the biggest professional development opportunities we have is coaching lab. During coaching lab, we discuss what we expect to see in classrooms, then visit classrooms together, come back and debrief. This able all administrators in the district to collaboration and come to a consensus of what is considered to be effective teaching in the Normandy district. There are also opportunities for us to visit other districts who are excelling in areas we need to improve.
5. How often do you research strategies and best practices for yourself?
A. Monthly however, I read

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