The Meaning Of The Medium Is The Message

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Throughout the history of the world humans have always sought out the necessity to communicate. The idea of interacting with other people to set up relations was always prevalent in humanity. Through communication the extension of human imagination creates forms of communication that transcend interactive experiences. For instance, the multitude of devices created with the intentions to strengthen existing societal bonds and co-exist to create established constructs. The imagination of human communication brings existence to devices such as clay tablets, hieroglyphics on Egyptian walls, putting short concise messages on the claws pigeons and or simply through a text message and a plethora
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Communication implements devices from various configurations, trials and errors which end up creating popular forms of media. The philosopher Marshall McLuhan coined throughout his existence states that the “medium is the message”. This phrase transcends simple communication, and poses the propositions of how influential the devices of communication on society are and to what degree the information being received at. McLuhan showcases a plethora of ways of thinking that compliments works with other thinkers. Furthermore, this essay will look at how McLuhan’s coined term the “medium is the message” holds relation to a multitude of other thinkers and how McLuhan’s thinking is deeply embedded in society today and for years to …show more content…
For instance, western culture when it comes to watching a sporting event like basketball will have different traditions, celebrations interactions with whatever form of media it is being presented on, however in eastern culture the type of celebration that would be presented would be different because of the cultural differences that some take part in. Williams presents the idea like McLuhan that television creates passive observers and just spoon feeds information towards the audience. Williams correlates with McLuhan and believes that the internet helps democratize society and allow for participants in society to equally communicate. The concept of gathering information has always been prevalent in society and has created various forms communicating ideas from television, radio; web and newspaper print the cultural differences hold different reception to each individual. “It is an exploration of the vocabulary of crucial area of social and cultural discussion, which has been inherited within precise historical and social conditions and which has to be made at once conscious and critical – subject to change as well as to continuity” (Williams, 1976). This quote summarizes the idea that through various forms of mediums a society can passively obtain information, but it is up to the culture

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