Ethical Bias In Journalism

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Ethics and Bias In this day in age, news is broadcasted over the world. More specifically, there are thousands even millions of reporters capturing or depicting the news as it is. With collaboration of determination and hard work, headlines and other important stories seems to pop up on our television and computers with somewhat of a swift motion. In reality, the content that is created is very difficult to create. Now members of a certain area would question why is it difficult? The reporter’s duty is to tell the story as the story is presented. At no point in time, the reporter should be able to interfere or have a bias on the story. Ethics and Bias play a huge role in the field of journalism. Digital media ethics deals with the distinct …show more content…
Like advertising companies, have many conflicts that arise (Pavlik 303). PR professionals highly believe that their clients who believe that anything that they release to the media should be received without question or criticism (Pavlik 303). Frequently or even all the time anything that gets put out to the public to see it, the content is bound to get criticized from someone or a company. Clients also dislike the adjustment to the world in which their customers can talk and complain with each other in very public forums (Pavlik 303). The most conflict that PR professionals have is within them. PR professionals have access to their clients personal information that could potentially be bad but as professionals they keep it a secret to preserve the image of the business (Pavlik 306). An example of preserving the image is working with a cigarette company. They have to sell their product but they know the harmful effects that the cigarette does. Lastly entertainment has ethics to follow. Entertainment plays an important role in our daily lives as it transmits cultural values and the objects that are presented could hurt the image of the public (Pavlik 307). Sex and violence is a major issue in entertainment that many question is it ethical to be in entertainment (Pavlik 307). Many advertisements, shows, and movies have showcased pornography or sex-suggested themes (Pavlik 308). One big consideration is we sometimes see women nude than men and sometimes women are treated like objects rather than humans (Pavlik

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