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  • Gatekeeping In Media Analysis

    of journalism, film, television, advertising and public relations has changed after the 2008 financial crisis because of how and what information is being published. The changes in gatekeeping has contributed to the ongoing narrative of the financial crisis because each field now releases information about finances differently than before 2008. The field of journalism has contributed to the ongoing narrative of the financial crisis because of what news is being covered. Financial journalism is…

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  • Prfm Sociology

    What is PRFM actually doing by facilitating the formation of Netizen Photo PRFM Community? Does PRFM still function as mass media, since conventional theories do not say that mass media need to be a community moderator like what PRFM is doing? According to Patria, from the beginning PRFM always prefer to be a medium amongst people so it could make significant social changes. PRFM already considered that the one-way practice as the conventional mass media do is no longer effective to make…

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  • Concentrated Ownership

    Ownerships exist in all types of businesses, including the newspaper industry. Concentrated ownership in the field of newspapers can be defined as the extreme control of a newspaper firm by the insiders (manager, BOD, etc.) Ownerships have been changing significantly for more than 60 years in Canada and has been effecting the Canadian society as a whole. The journals and articles by Kelly Blidook, Joseph Jackson, Minelle Mahtani, David Skinner, Water Soderlund are relevant and useful to the…

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  • Corporate Convergence Of Mass Media

    commercialization of the media. The substantial costs of corporate mergers have also led converged companies to seek profits through cost-cutting rather than increased investment in communication services. Concerns about the quality of corporate journalism occurs due to corporate convergence (Gasher,…

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  • Ugc Case Study

    interests (Siebert, Peterson, & Schramm, 1963). This rationality will make individual decisions that will be good for themselves and also advance the cause of civilization (Siebert, Peterson, & Schramm, 1963). The libertarian concept argues that journalism is an economic enterprise and in addition to informing and entertaining the masses should financial independence (Siebert, Peterson, & Schramm, 1963). Many newspapers, at all sizes, operate as big business enterprises that are impervious to…

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  • Hard Knock Of Commerce Essay

    Hard Knocks of Commerce There is a group of various reporters going from the east to the west coast to report on the hardships due to division in this country, weather that is education, healthcare, or immigration. The group is known as Crossing the Divide, or XtheDivide (social media handle). Eric Bosco is one of the bloggers that report for Crossing the Divide, and he wrote a article about hardships and the reputation of The High School of Commerce in Massachusetts. The school has various…

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  • Is It Possible For Journalists To Be Objective

    Is it possible for journalists to be objective? The objectivity in journalism helps the audience to make up their mind about a story and decide what they want to believe. In this essay I’ll be discussing how journalists can’t be objective as they will be biased on a personal or professional preference. The definition of objectivity ‘requires that a journalist not be on either side of an argument. They must report only facts and not a personal attitude or view towards the facts or story.’ The…

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  • Interactivity And User-Generated Content Of Community Media

    research in this area grows in importance as community publications, like all media companies, follow their audience online (Abernathy, 2014). The public traditionally has a stronger role and voice in the production of content within community journalism. The publication of user-generated content is one of those areas that differentiate community media. Community media has been demarcated differently in various studies, but for purposes of this dissertation community media is defined as…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As A Television Writer

    he would be working in a certain branch of the armed forces that protect our country. Aaron was the most interested in creative writing and journalism. This means that Aaron is very interested in editing, writing, and sharing stories with an audience. I had two main interests that scored the same score of a 100. One of mine was creative writing and journalism and the other one was beauty and style. This means that I like Aaron also love to write, edit, and share stories with an audience, but I…

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  • Jack The Ripper: Social Media Analysis

    In the first half of 2016, the United States alone has had over 136 mass shootings (by definition, an incident in which four or more people are wounded or killed), and is growing rapidly. (Gun Violence Archive) This topic in particular has been one of heavy discussion in the past few years, due to a wide range of interests. Is it because of the current implementation on firearm laws in the United States, or something much more sinister? In today’s world, the moment that a mass shooting erupts…

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