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  • Peace Journalism Philosophy

    & Lynch (McGoldrick & Lynch 2000, 30-33), prescribed several practical points for media practitioners and it 'd be helpful to the current discussion to highlight a couple of these points to have a clearer understanding of the philosophy of Peace Journalism: A. Avoid portraying a conflict as consisting of only two parties. This is fairly common practice in media, the portrayal of only two sides to a conflict that are pitted against one another. Naturally, when it seems that there are only two…

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  • Misleading Social Media Essay

    In the twenty-first century, technology’s grip on the world has only been strengthened by globalization and the creation of social media. However, as more technology has become integrated into daily life, its convenience has given rise to its increasingly popular use of obtaining information. At a glance this venue may seem extensive and easily accessible, but social media has generated vast misinformation in similar quantities of its noteworthy, true content. With no clear method for users to…

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  • Summary: Effects Of News Media

    Journalism has changed. The way that people can put out information has expanded greatly. Gone are the days of print media giving out information that is considered old news by the time it hits the newsstands. Electronic media has given journalism a whole new way to reach the people. Instantaneous information is the way of the new media. People are getting their news from…

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  • How Has Changed The Capabilities Of Social Media

    make important contributions to the media agenda through their sightings and public opinions. At the forefront of contributors, citizen journalists stand out as people reporting and gathering evidence without being formally trained in the art of journalism. Citizen journalists create a major amount of stories and evidence that gets broadcast to a wider audience through television news and Internet articles. The major media companies of today sometimes rely on contributions that come from citizen…

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  • Courtroom Movie Reflection

    Film Reaction Paper: The Newsroom In 2012, creator Aaron Sorkin’s television series The Newsroom aired on HBO cable network. Actor Jeff Daniels portrays Will McAvoy, News Night’s anchor and managing editor, with impeccable style and realism. The newscast McAvoy and his staff produces is notorious for being soft news (Dominick 2013) but that is about to change. The pilot episode begins at a forum at Northwestern University. McAvoy consistently avoids questions of political party allegiance and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interest In Public Relations

    being that of experience. While the key responsibilities may be alike, this job requires 5-8 years of experience in the field and an understanding of Hollywood media outlets. It also has a strong preference towards candidates that had education in journalism and…

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  • Fact Checking

    also the subject of scrutiny when it comes to understanding what makes for good journalism. Throughout my first journalism course in Stony Brook University, I’ve received the chance…

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  • Journalism Intern 101

    Journalism intern 101 Summer is here and you us college students that means visiting home, putting in extra hours at the part-time job, and catching up on sleep you missed due to bad time management. If you do not take time off then that means summer school to get your minor out of the way or partake in the beloved internship. As soon as you set foot on campus, the importance of solid internships gets beaten into your brain as they are great on a resume, can build connections, and can even be…

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  • 'Imagine' By John Lennon: An Analysis

    muscles, but also has given me a medium to publish and receive feedback which has helped me tremendously. Throughout the years, I 've also played around with writing original short stories and songs. As soon as I started high school, I joined the new Journalism Club, and I have written for every issue (and sometimes more). I 've covered a variety of topics, from world news to opinion pieces to student interviews to reviews. Starting in 11th grade, was elected Features Editor, adding more duties…

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  • Independent Collegian Reflection

    writer’s workshop, I was able to meet other staff members of the paper along with students that possessed great interest in newspaper writing. I was very surprised to discover that one of them happened to be a science major that wanted to incorporate journalism and writing into this career field. This showed me that it doesn’t particularly matter what major you are declared as or what you want to study in the future, writing will always be a vital skill for someone to have under their belt.…

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