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  • Analysis Of The Man With The Muck

    Rake the Muck What is Muck Throughout history there have always been events that caused an uprising from the people. During the Progressive Era these events included yellow journalism. Yellow journalism is defined as a type of reporting that includes obscene exaggeration. The journalists responsible for yellow journalism are muckrakers. This term was coined by Theodore Roosevelt and can be described as journalists that focus on the ‘muck’, or bad parts, of society and publish it so the public is…

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  • Rule-Based Thinking: My Personal Code Of Ethics

    example, if someone with no experience in Journalism were to disguise themselves as a Journalist, the public would not be getting the full truth because journalists have duties that may or may not be in the public’s eye. I would feel the pretend journalist would only be mimicking what is obvious to everyone and not what is actually required of a journalist. If that pretend journalist were to be honest about who they were as someone with no experience in journalism, maybe more people would offer…

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  • Sexism In Media

    minority groups are victim to this inequality of news reporting and news coverage, but as each year passes, the scale of equality slowly balances itself. While it is true that men currently hold a large part of the power that controls the field of journalism, people are beginning to have a “greater awareness of the inequities women face around the world thanks to the work of both men and, increasingly, women reporters” (Asquith). It is absolutely necessary to have both men and women equally…

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  • Criminalization Of Young Black Men: Article Analysis

    Instead, Rankin swayed towards “experienced citizens” who “understand the risk of talking about the police.” Rankin explains that when citizens approach the Star with their video “you have to question and be fair.” He says that often times citizen journalism is one sided, the job of a journalist of Rankin’s position is that they have the sources to unfold all aspects of a story. He says, “we worry about exploitation,” where “raw and unfiltered video can feed into biases,” which leads to…

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  • Response To Bribery

    stories and he received 18-month prison sentence. Concluding sentence - A journalist must always respect the truth and be honest, consistent enough in order to resist temptation. Paragraph 1 The very first barrier you have to manage with is that journalism is classified to be one of…

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  • Absence Of Malice Analysis

    ‘Absence of Malice’: How good intentions form bad outcomes Do these things really happen in the real life? One who watched the motion picture titled “Absence of Malice” would ask such question. The movie appeared to have a disputable subject since it was about indecent journalistic practices. What made its topic arguable is that these obscene practices were fused with romanticization; making the movie looked like a story of a love affair with a taste of melodramatic revenge. Unfortunately, due…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: Yale University

    Why do you want to be a Yale Greenberg World Fellow? What do you seek to accomplish during your fellowship? 500 words Yale University is one of the world top ranked and renowned academia and it would be my ‘dream comes true’ and lifetime experiences to be associated with its flagship leadership development program which will give me new insight and breadth of academic, cultural and social life at the University. More precisely, I’ll have the opportunity to interact with the Yale faculties,…

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  • Blogging Conventional Ideas

    male/female audience engaged in politics. . But sexism and yelling wrong ideas isn’t inherently an internet problem, it’s a humanity problem. From a group of people that are often accused of apathy —political apathy—, the passion that participatory journalism brings out is enough to shut this voices out. There’s often no prize or reward for what the users do — spreading information just for the sake of it. Percentage of young people. Genuine…

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  • Anonymous Sources In The Film All The President's Men

    Anonymous sources are becoming increasingly common in the world of journalism. Even major international news reporting agencies have come to rely on them over the years. Anonymity can affect a story's credibility, but sometimes it is only through unnamed sources that valuable information can be obtained. A good example of this scenario can be found in the film, ‘All The President’s Men’, about the Watergate Scandal. I personally think that without anonymous sources, there would have been no…

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  • Prfm Sociology

    What is PRFM actually doing by facilitating the formation of Netizen Photo PRFM Community? Does PRFM still function as mass media, since conventional theories do not say that mass media need to be a community moderator like what PRFM is doing? According to Patria, from the beginning PRFM always prefer to be a medium amongst people so it could make significant social changes. PRFM already considered that the one-way practice as the conventional mass media do is no longer effective to make…

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