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  • Ethical Philosophies In The Media

    “A media revolution is transforming, fundamentally and irrevocably, the nature of journalism and its ethics. The means to publish is now in the hands of the citizens, while the Internet encourages new forms of journalism that are interactive and immediate” (Ward). With media ethics constantly evolving and new forms of media popping up everywhere, it can be difficult to make decisions regarding what is right and what is wrong in the realm of media. This is why I believe that it is important to…

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  • Relationship Between Media And Intercultural Communication

    communication. The essay will discuss the media and journalism become the mediator in intercultural communication, the positive and negative influence of media on intercultural communication and what kind of principles and suggestions should journalism take to become a better mediator in this part. The second part is new media and intercultural communication. In this part, the essay will talk about the relationship between new media and journalism, new media and the globalization, the…

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  • Breaking Twitter

    Twitter has become the largest source of news breaking media and the firsthand information for the journalists, in the conventional media. The rise of the social media such as twitter has raised fears among the journalists. As a professional practice of journalists is brought to disappear; means in recent years of dire predictions about the decline of the profession. As such, the role of the journalist is essential. His profession is changing profoundly, which does not mean it will disappear. It…

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  • Stereotypes In Newspapers

    “There were three rules for reporters: ‘Accuracy, accuracy and accuracy.” - Joseph Pulitzer (1847–1911) Introduction Media shares stories, records history and projects reality. Therefore, Journalists have been provided with a certain code of ethics that would inform people rather than inflame them to create chaos. To inform, educate and to entertain have always been the three basic functions of media. This paper puts forward a case where a Hasidic Weekly newspaper named Der Tzeitung, based in…

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  • Macs410 Media Ethics

    appropriate for my minor because the following rationale: - The course MACS410 “Media Ethics” provided an overview of the main ethical problems regarding the intensive use of technologies in the contemporary media landscape, considering not only journalism but the media in general, and avoiding a technological determinism to analyze the phenomenon. This course is helpful to understand the “behind the scenes” of the political economy of technology in the media, its historical, political, and…

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  • Do Journalists Always Need Objectivity?

    The question of the objectivity in journalism is a major topic for discussions in the media. It is important because the answer to this question will define the journalism itself as a term. That is to say, are journalists the static representors of the opinions and information or are they form opinions and setting agenda? Objectivity is more like a dream or ideal, but maybe it is possible. There is another question: does reader always need objectivity? In this essay, I want to prove that an…

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  • Cultural Violence In Hong Kong Protests

    The Hong Kong protests, also known as the Umbrella Revolution, began in September 2014 when activists in Hong Kong started to protest outside the Hong Kong Government headquarters and in several major city intersections, mainly due to NPCSC’s decision of disallowing civil nominations in future elections. It has become a stunning peaceful civil disobedience movement, able to bring together thousands of protesters. Although some violent outbreaks have happened, this conflict should be mostly…

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  • Essay About A Defining Moment

    In my mind I thought I knew who I was; I was a journalist. By my senior year I had been involved in journalism for four years and even had professional experience. I made journalism my life by learning all the AP Style rules, improving my grammar like my life depended on it and appreciating good writing. I did all this because I knew that journalism was what I wanted to do, but as you said our professions do not define us, and I am more than a journalist. If I were asked to…

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  • A Day Without Media Analysis

    Susan Moeller of the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda. The study which required Moeller’s Media Literacy class of 200 journalism students at the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland, to abstain from using all media for a 24 hour period. Students were asked to select one 24 hour period between the weeks of February 24- March 4, 2010 to be media-free. After their 24 hours of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Newbeauty Magazine

    for NewBeauty magazine, specifically its online version, which is published by SANDOW. I worked eight-hour days, four days a week, for eight weeks, and was provided with many real-world experiences that helped broaden my understanding of magazine journalism—a subject I am very passionate about. Although my internship was focused on editorial matters, I had the opportunity to work in an array of areas, providing me with a truly well-rounded experience that will not only help me during my time at…

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