Essay About A Defining Moment

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During the last 15 weeks, college has taken me on a roller coaster of emotions. I have experienced happiness. I have experienced stress. I have experienced sadness. I have felt hopeless, but also invincible, all while trying to fake that I know exactly what I am doing and everything is okay. If on move-in day someone had told me I would barely spend anytime time in my dorm room with the gray walls and ugly, patterned carpet, I would not have believed them. Despite it not being the coziest or most attractive of rooms, I had always been a homebody and liked having my own space, but that person would have been right. I barely spent time in my room throughout the semester because I was either having a discussion in the lounge, adventuring around Phoenix and Tempe or studying in a friend’s room. I have tried to make the most of this semester and step out of my comfort zone to discover who I really am and what my purpose really is in life. Even though I didn’t spend that …show more content…
In my mind I thought I knew who I was; I was a journalist. By my senior year I had been involved in journalism for four years and even had professional experience. I made journalism my life by learning all the AP Style rules, improving my grammar like my life depended on it and appreciating good writing. I did all this because I knew that journalism was what I wanted to do, but as you said our professions do not define us, and I am more than a journalist. If I were asked to describe myself now, 15 weeks into the biggest change of my life, I would say I am the girl who laughs at the lamest jokes, loves learning the most obscure facts, is uncomfortable with confrontation and likes to write. I made realizations about myself this semester, developed qualities I never thought I would and experienced things I never would have been able to if I didn’t come to

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