Irrelevant Citizen Journalism

In an era of ‘citizen journalism’, the notion of credibility is becoming irrelevant. Discuss.
In an increase production of information and technologic utilization more accessible to the public, journalism has became more user-friendly and a tool for any person to publish any content relating to news or topics. Many sites such as Wordpress, Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many other forms of blogging and social media are heavily dependent by users who want to spread news across to the public quickly than most news corporations. Jane B. Singer and Ian Ashman (2009) explain that citizen journalism is a great way for people to participate in the online community for readers to have the freedom to join discussions and debates, which this
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Because of the popularity growth of citizen journalism, there are concerns about credibility of the information becoming irrelevant, which to the point …show more content…
Janey Gorden (2007) explains this further by the use of text or multimedia messages can be use as an aid for citizen journalists as well as helping mainstream news reporters. There are also the huge diversity of content provided by citizen journalism that can cause readers to have better awareness among people and a rise of competition among citizen journalists (Carpenter 2010, para. 2). Lin Julian (2014) describes how “the consumption of citizen journalism [has] the potential to serve as a leisure activity for passing time and averting boredom” (p. 130). Yet C. Brotherton (2013) explains how society is used to believing the news as a reliable source of information that is often the person’s responsibility to check the facts from other sources (para.2). In addition to user-created blogs and social media accounts managing information, encyclopedia sites such as Wikipedia have a similar problem in managing users editing information in a similar way, which fortunately are solved by a dedicated moderators (“Reviewing and Managing Changes” 2014. para. 5 & 6). As such, this questions the trustworthiness of most user documented content with many

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