Citizen Journalism Definition

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In an era of ‘citizen journalism’, the notion of credibility is becoming irrelevant. Discuss.
In an increase production of information and technologic utilization more accessible to the public, journalism has became more user-friendly and a tool for any person to publish any content relating to news or topics. Many sites such as Wordpress, Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many other forms of blogging and social media are heavily dependent by users who want to spread news across to the public quickly than most news corporations. Jane B. Singer and Ian Ashman (2009) explain that citizen journalism is a great way for people to participate in the online community for readers to have the freedom to join discussions and debates, which this
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Because of the popularity growth of citizen journalism, there are concerns about credibility of the information becoming irrelevant, which to the point trustworthiness of these providers makes the public question about the practices of journalism on both sides.

Citizen journalism comes in many forms, but virtually all forms exist online due to the increase demand of online content. According to Luke Goode (2009), is a way of a user or group of users to provide information as in a journalistic-like matter, which these include Facebook and Twitter posts, blog entries, photos and video sharing (para.2) . As such, the form of journalism come in either partial or complete depending on what person and group publishers provide. Yet Luke Goode (2009) claims that “the definition of citizen journalism does not have completely settled boundaries” (p. 1288), meaning that simply publishing paragraphs full of information are not always enough to catch reader interest. Like traditional news providers, amateur journalists rely on photos and videos from their documentation or from users
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Accordingly, blogging has better advantages among other forms of online media, which aside from referencing outside resources, as this proves greater credibility of information and create a connection with other blogs and social media sites (Carpenter 2010, para. 5). Nevertheless, the problem with the participatory culture behaviour surrounding citizen journalism is the reader’s ability to become anonymous among the online realm. To add further, giving users the freedom for users to state their opinions in a bold and crude way, which even some resort in deliberating making up information to spark ongoing debates. According to Jane B Singer and Ian Ashman (2009), ”users do not hesitate to challenge ... what journalists write” as users frequently resort to “personal attacks, disagreement over opinion, and disputes about factual information” (p. 237). Although there a some negative factors associated with citizen journalism, which are often combined with user anonymity and variation of opinions, that makes users be aware of trustworthiness of

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