Citizen Journalism Risks

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Citizen Journalism is a Risky Business
Citizen journalism and the social media has been a growing concern since the arrival of the internet. Today media officials along with the public are apprehensive about the risks that citizens take to provide stories and photos during dangerous situations. The citizen and freelance journalists are placing their lives at risk. Citizen journalism is a risky business, on the other hand without it the mainstream news would not obtain the amount of information they receive today.
Before the introduction to the internet and cell phones, television, newspapers, and radio were our only sources of news. Society has engaged in the role of citizen journalism and the social media. It is as simple as capturing the moment, then submitting them online or reporting it to the mainstream news even though they have no training in journalism. Everyone who has been in a news worthy situation has a story of their own to tell and a number of them make money while doing
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They may not be thinking of the news but acting out of curiosity and are not being rational at that precise time. Thinking, “Aw man, my friends are going to love seeing this. They will never believe it.” As a result they could get pushed down in a riot, swept away by water by a tsunami, kidnapped by groups such ISIS or be in the line of fire. Depending on their situation there are so many risks for a citizen journalist. If only they have the time to think about it before reacting.
In summary, without citizen journalist the news media and the audience are left without full account of the story only coverage of the aftermath. No doubt, citizen journalist keep us up to date as the news is happening, just like Jamal Albarghouti and the citizen on the airplane. Citizen journalism is a risky business, but someone has to report it as the incident is

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