Peace Journalism Definition

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In the Philippines, the concept of peace journalism is not new and has in fact, been the topic of several conferences and seminars over the years. Naturally, these seminars focus on the conflict in Mindanao with the aim of educating journalists on conflict reporting. One of these seminars, hosted by the British council with BBC journalist Jake Lynch and his wife, broadcast journalist, Annabel McGoldrick (March 2005)-whose works we have already touched on several times above focused on Peace Journalism. To reiterate, their definition of Peace Journalism focuses on the choices that editors and reporters make and the creation of opportunities for non-violent responses to conflict. They say that Peace Journalism:

- "Uses the insights of conflict analysis and transformation to update the concepts of balance, fairness and accuracy in reporting - Provides a new route map tracing the connections between journalists, their sources, the stories they cover and the consequences of their journalism – the ethics of journalistic intervention - Builds an awareness of non-violence and creativity into the practical job of everyday editing and reporting” (Lynch and McGoldrick 2005 p. 5)

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In the case of the Mindanao conflict, the media plays an important role in ensuring that the ongoing prejudice, which the media also had a hand in promoting, is reversed and to build a more pluralist and tolerant society. Furthermore, with the increasing reach and accessibility of media, there is a need to further re-evaluate its role not only as a source of information but also as an entity that proactively contributes to problem-solving and conflict avoidance/resolution. The report prepared by the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication, captures this well in their paper on the role of the media in promoting

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