Three Cups Of Fiction Rhetorical Analysis

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Three Cups of Fiction: The Unethical Use of the Three Modes of Persuasion

Journalism is a powerful outlet in that every statement has its consequences. Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin prove this by suffering greatly (theres negative consequences) from their untruthful “journalism”. These authors dishonestly used rhetoric to persuade their readers of an uplifting story about a man’s humanitarian mission in Pakistan to public as nonfiction, which brought him enormous success and Mortensen public attention. However, it has been revealed by the journalist Jon Krakauer in his publication Three Cups of Deceit, that the book Mortenson and Relin conceived is just a “compelling creation myth” (Krakauer 6). The book made false yet rhetorical statements
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One of his technique to establish logos is by borrowing native language. For example, “Allah Akbhar” (Mortenson and Relin 20), is purposeful use of the local language instead of English to position himself in the reality and make it more convincing.By citing statistics such as , “They were skirting the western flank of Nanga Parbat, at 26,658 feet the earth’s ninth-loftiest peak, which anchors the western edge of the Himalaya” (Mortenson and Relin 80). Relin made the place sound real even though it is just another approach to Logos. And on the part of his writing about Mortenson leaving, he often provides a narrative of the conversation that creates an environment that is inclusive of the readers as they feel like they are there. Relin constantly uses a dialogue quote for audience to make it convincing. For example, he quoted Mortenson “What the hell?” (Mortenson and Relin 25) illustrate his frustration. Overall, He demonstrated logos combined with word choice, use of data and dialogue quotations to evokes a cognitive response in the readers. However, there is a logical fallacy that occur in his logos. All the data and dialogue quotes he delivered in this paper are authority by Mortenson. However, Relin is no expert of what Mortenson did in Pakistan. As Relin confessed in his introduction “this is a story I couldn’t simply observe” (Mortenson and Relin 4). The book appeals to logos, however, he could not support his claims with valid authorities. The logical fallacies in the logos proved that it violates journalism

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