Racial Profiling Police Brutality

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Racial Profiling Leading to Police Brutality
Police brutality is a problem because innocent people are getting hurt and/or killed by the very same people who took an oath to protect and serve the people of America. We need to speak up and tell the district they are working for to let America know that this is not okay. They are regular people just like the rest of us so they shouldn't get special recognition just because they work for the people. Police brutality has and remains to be a really big issue in the United States for many years but many people are barley noticing it because of the media attention it’s been getting over the years. Racial profiling is a problem because in most cases it leads to police brutality and we need to let the
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Racial profiling is when people or in this case, police officers will use the race of a person and suspect them of a transgression even if they are uninvolved in any crime. In the article, “Black and Blue: Exploring Racial Bias and Law Enforcement in the Killings of Unarmed Black Male Civilians” the author states that, “In the current review, we dissect the psychological antecedents of these killings and explain how the nature of police work may attract officers with distinct characteristics that may make them especially well-primed for negative interactions with Black male civilians. (Hall et. al 2). This quote explains that when police academies are going through their protocol to hire on new officers, they should investigate more on their phycologic genealogy. They do this because some people who want to become an officer can just be doing it so they can beat on other people because they think they have the “right” since they have a badge and nobody will really be able to stand up against them unless they want to risk getting …show more content…
In the article, ““BUT I THOUGHT HE HAD A GUN” Race and Police Use of Deadly Force” author Cynthia Lee says, “Police officers are rarely prosecuted for murder because most fatal police shootings are deemed justified by prosecutors who decline to prosecute or by grand juries that decline to return indictments.” (Lee 2). This quote is explaining that officers can be tried against a jury and still go on without facing any murder charges. This happens because the grand jury and the judge in most cases won’t want to charge an officer for murder. The jury won’t state a claim back to charge the officer of the accused crime or the prosecutors will have a well enough claim to make the officer seem as if he did everything good in his handbook.
The media makes many statements to the public that makes them see how officers are really treating other people. The article “Racism And Police Brutality In America." Journal Of African American Studies” by Chaney, Cassandra, and Ray Robertson, they explain how the media influences police brutality. This article believes that the sense of the media portrays black males “as studs, super detective or imitation. So this justifies why police treat black males the way that they do.” It also touches on how police officers are killing more individuals than the general

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