The Protest Of The National Anthem

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The reasons why the protest of the National Anthem should be supported is because of the injustice, police brutality and systemic oppression that the people of color face in America today. Karl Marx, a nineteenth century German Philosopher, explained the world through two concepts, oppression and exploitation. The struggle between good and evil, the oppressed and oppressor is what guides every society, in every age and in this case the oppressed is the people of color. In 1931, George Padmore, a prominent African -American writer of the twentieth century wrote “The oppression of Negros assumes two distinct forms: on the one hand they are oppressed as a class, and on the other as a nation….. National (race) oppression assumes its most pronounced forms in the United States of America.” Police brutality and racial discrimination are very big issues. Racial discrimination is a issue because it is abusive behavior towards another race, this is both disrespectful and unconstitutional. According to the constitution, all men are created equal. This means that no matter what a …show more content…
According to the poll, about more than half of blacks were supportive. To compare the percentage, think 1 in 4 whites. The study also explored to see if the white opposition was due to racial attitudes. Those who took the survey were asked a series of specific questions about African Americans. The questions that was asked were, “lazy vs. hard-working, unintelligent vs. intelligent and violent vs. peaceful.” In turn, those who took the survey also had to rate whites on the same exact traits. The results of the test is as follows, African Americans were rated as being very lazy, violent and unintelligent as opposed to whites, even under even more controlled standards such as looking at age, gender, ideologies etc. The survey proved that with or without constraints, there is evidence of racial

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