The Death Of Michael Brown And The Camera Authorization And Maintenance Act

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The death of Michael Brown brought the city of Ferguson, Missouri national attention. In response to his death, multiple bills were proposed that would affect policing in the United States. One proposal is the Camera Authorization and Maintenance Act. This bill won’t make it past the Conservative-controlled Congress, however, if it were to make it to the President, he would support the bill. Another proposal is the Fair Justice Act. Congress, along with the President, seeing as it has limited downside to the public, will pass this bill.
The Camera Authorization and Maintenance Act, or the CAM Act of 2014, states that any state or unit of government that doesn’t require law enforcement officers to use body-worn cameras will not receive any grants
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This proposal makes it illegal to enforce criminal law for the sole purpose of raising money for the city. In his summary, Wolf explains that “the FPD’s primary purpose in Ferguson was to generate revenue for the city’s budget” (Wolf, 1). The police officers in Ferguson were encouraged to write as many tickets as possible, no matter whether or not the person receiving the ticket deserved it. Wolf described how the police departments even keep score sheets to keep track of which officers ticket the most people. This unfair, unlawful treatment again sees minorities, especially black people, as the main victims. There was one incident where a black woman had to pay over $1,000 and spend 6 days in jail, all for parking her car illegally once in 2007, according to the Department of Justice report. Minorities in Congress would vote for this bill to protect minorities in America from this unlawful practice. Congress members from both parties would vote for this bill because if they voted against it, it might ruin the party brand by showing that they don’t care for Americans who are treated unequally. Unfair ticketing would anger everyone, no matter what party they affiliate with, so both parties would vote for this bill to

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