Essay On Ethics In Law Enforcement

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To break down the necessary processes the police need to look at what they can control. Obviously, they have limited control over how citizens act. Of course, most citizens know how they should act and that they are expected to follow the law, but that is ultimately their choice. With that said, let’s start by looking at the processes involved with being a law enforcement officer; hiring, training, field training and in-service training. It’s also important to look at their mission statement, oath, mentoring program, policies, rules of conduct, discipline, etc. In short, attempt to identify those areas that may be able to be improved upon as it relates to improving their relationship with the citizens.
As they hire individuals for law enforcement jobs they place an emphasis on ethics. This is a must and should always be considered a top priority when hiring. Many of the other requirements for law enforcement can be trained; however, ethics is something they want them to already have instilled within them. It is because of this we put so much time and effort into the background check of applicants. As stated by Sergeant Betsy Brantner Smith from Police Link, “Remember, the goal of the background investigation is to determine if you have the moral, ethical and legal character required by someone who
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As stated in the Ferguson report, having a police department that only taken enforcement action on its citizens and doesn’t participate in the community can create a boiling point. This statement alludes to the fact that police departments that fail to partner with the citizens, can contribute to problems between the two, to include failed relationships. Although the issue in Ferguson stemmed from a controversial officer-involved shooting, the findings suggest the underlying issue was a failed relationship between the police and the citizens (DOJ,

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