`` Loot Or Find : Fact Or Frame `` By Cheryl Harris And Devon Carbado

1103 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 null Page
Are We What Others “Frame” We Are?
The mass media continues to play a crucial role in how the world, especially those of the white people perceive African Americans in the United States. The media has consistently attributed African Americans with crime related activities, such as the use of drugs, gang violence and other types of anti-social behaviors that consequently distorting the action reputation of this race. In the article, “Loot or Find: Fact or Frame”, by Cheryl Harris and Devon Carbado, the authors use pathos and ethos to demonstrate how does United States portrays African Americans through an effective story maker - the media. The audience of this analytical article is intended for people of all race community within the country, so that they can understand why such perceptions illustrated by the media seem convincing. Tracing the roots of these problems might seem beneficial to people in the society to get rid of any presumptuous thoughts about African Americans, consequently perceiving them from relying on the media rather than for actual attribution of the people who are belonging to this race.
This essay is intended to help its audience to ponder on the actual reasons for why there is some racial discrimination in the country that has consistently been linked to the media. It is an exploration to clarify reasons for doubt in the minds of all individuals belonging to the white race and why they seem always to believe what is portrayed to them about African…

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