Analysis Of Biblicist Racism

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The topic Biblicist Racism in the readings that were done in the class talked about various different questions that many of us have. This topic is well known by most people in the United States. Firstly, how different racial groups came to existence was explained as a myth through Curse of Ham myth. Secondly, how some racial groups are superior compare to others “as spiritually, morally, and culturally” is shown in A Great Racial Commission: Religion and the Construction of White America reading. Thirdly, how some racial groups have more privilege and power compare to others is shown in White Privilege and Male Privilege reading (PowerPoint). In chapter one of the Prentiss book, the story Curse of Ham is given. This story is a myth which …show more content…
According to McIntosh, white people are not taught to identify white privilege. Which causes white privilege to be “an invisible package of unearned assents” and it also gives white people higher authority (75). McIntosh further talks about how her co-workers who are African Americans, are not provided with the same opportunities as her because she is White. She classified effects of white privilege from her life and she listed about 46 conditions which she would be able to do but not the African American people at her work (76-77). Many of her 46 conditions that she pointed are important, “Whether I use checks, credit cards, or cash, I can count on my skin color no to work against the appearance that I am financially reliable.” This condition is one of the strong to show the racism. Her experience at the work place shows racism that is occurring at the job where human beings are treated based on their race. McIntosh gave examples like this in her article which shows her efforts to resist toward racism in the United States. Moreover, she also talked about male privilege. Male privilege is something most people experience in life. She generally talked about how she has noticed that males either do not see themselves having the privilege or deny having the privilege but they do see females having disadvantages. However, such denial hides male privilege from being exposed and not be able to end it (75). This type of examples shows the racism that is happening around us. It also makes a negative impact on Male’s development as a person. Male privilege and white privilege are two of the strongly preserved enculturated in the United States. When these types of topics are not taught to children; it creates more racial

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