Reflective Essay On Race

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Introduction. Writing this paper will be my therapy and I am thankful for the opportunity that has been granted to me for the reflection. I have scripts in my life regarding race that need to be eradicated, and changed about race. For I still see white privilege in some areas, which may not be necessarily true in some cases. My parents are both black, my mother’s family is Cherokee and Black. There are no other nationalities in our family lineage, no trace of Africa or Caribbean, just plain black. I am a product of the 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s, those were my years, the most informative and influential for me. The music, clothes and “power to the people” fueled me and added to my worldview. My ethnic background is African–American, the new norm since 1988, however, growing up I was Black. Angela Davis, the radical with her great looking afro, who looked so cool so I wanted to be her, not fully understanding what she was about. She stood for Black Power along with Huey Newton and H. Rap Brown and black voices rising with power. I was all for that because my cousin was for it, as I joined her in raising my fist to signify unity to the cause. I did that until I understood that it meant that people were killing people, guns were the weapon of choice, and I quickly abandoned the idea, plus …show more content…
My religious background is Baptist and Pentecostal. I grew up attending New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Amarillo, Texas from the age of seven until I left for Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas in 1976. We were known by districts and we were under the Lovely Sunset district, and my pastor was the moderator for a period of time. He was an educated man who graduated from Baptist Theological Seminary. When I came to New Hope, my family had joined the ranks of the fatherless homes, therefore my mother took us to church to give us foundation in the Lord. She had actually gone to Shiloh Missionary Baptist to observe (mildly stated) the other woman who had broken up our

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