Reflective Essay On Discrimination

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Discrimination is defined as the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. Unfortunately, discrimination is not uncommon. We probably have all been discriminated or witnessed some form of discrimination at one point in our lives.

I have experienced many different encounters of discrimination. I have been discriminated because of age, race, and sex. For example, one day while waiting in line to check out at the grocery store the gentlemen behind me unexpectedly told me that I needed to go back to my country. I remember turning around and saying to him “excuse me” and he responded by saying “you heard me” I was honestly shocked and confused I didn’t know what I
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Out of all the different occasions that I have experienced discrimination the one time that had the biggest impact on me was when my significant other got ill. I will never forget the day we walked into Tacoma General hospital. He had been experiencing some abdominal pain, when we arrived to the hospital his pain had subsided. We checked in and we could tell that it was a very busy night at the emergency room, the nurse called him back and obtained his history and vital signs which were all unremarkable at that time. We then went to the waiting area and within an hour he began to have sharp pain in his abdomen, I knew something was wrong because he would never complain even when he was in pain because he did not want us to worry, but his pain was becoming so severe that he could not hide it any longer. So I went up to the nurse and asked how long the wait was she said that it was busy and that it would be at least a couple of hours before he would be called back. His pain began to get more and more intense until he was on the ground I knew something was wrong I went back to the nurse to ask her for help. I said to her something is …show more content…
Maybe she was overwhelmed with so much work or maybe she had negative feelings towards Hispanic people or maybe she was biased against young people and their complaints of pain, I really do not know. What I do know is that it was wrong for her to treat us this way. We really did need help and were denied of that help. If this happened to me again I think that I would tell them that what they are doing is obviously wrong and that people don’t deserve to be treated this way. People should not be denied of help when it is obvious that they are in need. I would like to give this individual the benefit of the doubt and maybe think that she was overwhelmed but that should not give her the right to be disrespectful. What I learned is that discrimination is everywhere and that I will not treat people this

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