Discrimination Reflection Paper

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In North and Central America, there is an increase of black women every year who migrate into Canada and the United States of America from the African continent or other countries. When they arrive the women are expected to come into Canada or U.S.A. with the awareness that they are going to be following the laws made by each countries society. I am one of the people who moved to Canada five years ago from Nigeria, Africa. I have come to accept most of the laws here, but still remember how different it felt coming to a new place; where there were so many natural and social differences. The climate changes and there is an awareness of race when compared to the different bodies found. When I was back home and I saw a white
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Racism is not the only form of institutionalized violence others include all the other system of oppression like class, gender and colonialism.
My interest is in the black community because in the past and even in some areas in Africa today women are believed to lack the ability to gain intellectual knowledge but are believed to be good with more physical and practical work. The men are more in control of thinking for the women in society. The times have changed and now some women are being allowed to further their knowledge and travel to foreign lands. The reason for this opportunity is because some families can afford to pay this high amount of tuition. As a woman myself I come from a family who is willing to help me further my education but as an International student I and my family feel exploited by my school. International students at my school are being forced to pay an amount that is x5 of what the Canadian students or permanent residents
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by a patriarchal society and how the state affects the women in society through legal force like police. The one I have most problem with is the institutionalized racism. In the school that I attend, University of Toronto Scarborough, as an International student I am forced to pay x5 of what legal Canadian students are paying. In my defense I agree that we need to pay more than the Canadian students but the difference in my opinion is too high. Especially since the bill currency has been increased in my country back home making parents of International students feel the effect (Nigerian Naira, 1960-2015). As a researcher who is interested in this idea of gender violence I see myself as an individual who has both qualities that is being both black and a female. I do not experience racism on a constant basis because I do not put myself out there enough. This means my social life is not lively enough to experience constant attack by other races when in public. I experience racism in more general situations like school funds or paying taxes. Due to not being born in a country like U.S.A or Canada which defines people by their race my lack of understanding this makes me aware of how very different black people who were born in North America and those that come from Africa are

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