Racial Discrimination In Today's Society Essay

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Racial discrimination is one the provocative problems we have in our society today. Significant amount of people in our society today focus on all different racial groups of people and discuss their fairness, discrimination, and prejudice. The United States of America that is known to be one of the most diverse and freest racist countries in the world. However, the African slave trade has contributed to the environment of a racist culture in America by degrading the African races and teaching Caucasian Americans that they are better and superior than the African-American. On most occasions, other cultures and races for several different reasons discriminate against blacks. African-Americans are discriminated against because of the color of their skin, their
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The story “Buffalo Soldiers” by ZZ Packer talks about racial discrimination towards the African-Americans despite sharing a common enemy during and after civil war, they still experience discrimination within the soldiers and in the society. The author was attempting to portray the struggle for the blacks to accept this newfound equality. Meanwhile, African-American were treated harshly, deprived of any educational means, and forced to only obey orders during slavery. Now that the opportunity to stand aside a white man had opened the doors of self-thinking, it still held a sense of question in fear of disobedience.
During the story, African American soldiers who chose to serve during the war were referred to as Buffalo soldiers. As she stated in her story "Spread out you fucking niggers! ' Heyl yelled, as if unaware that the men had already surged forward” (Packer 106). This

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